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Balancing the Chaotic Energy Around Us

The LDC ceramics act as passive resistors and/or capacitors to organize the mental, physical, spiritual and electrical fields to be in harmonic equilibrium. The placement of the tools improves the quality of the energy in buildings and improves the ability to experience overall health. Environmental energy balancing enhances the quality of our relationship with Nature, ourselves, and each other. Health practitioners in our office feel more energized after working with clients and clients have an easier time integrating treatments such as acupuncture, massage, reflexology, holographic health, and neurolink.

As we raise our consciousness and increase our ability to receive and transmit full spectrum harmonic light frequencies within our divinely designed human bodies, within Nature, and within our technologies, we increase our ability to understand the value and importance of harmonizing man-made technologies. This, in turn, creates the ability to co-exist and resonate with nature to amplify beauty, balance, and harmony in our world.

Quantum physics is showing us that everything is energy and everything is connected. Humans are part of an open energy system that is in a continuous exchange of invisible information with everything around us at a physical and micro vibrational level. Nature is alive, self-regulating, and always seeking balance, just like water seeks its own level. It took thousands of years for the earth to create the perfect atmospheric conditions to support a wide variety of flora and fauna on our planet. Balancing our rapidly growing technologies with the life-giving resonance of the natural world is essential to maintain nature and ourselves. Just because something is energy efficient does not mean that the technology is life supporting. Learning why and how to energy balance our technologies, living spaces, and ecosystems is important, easy, and empowering.


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