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Being the Authentic Self

We have been raised to believe that we need to be something more than what we are and never being enough. The term I hear used a lot these days is "fake it till you make it". Why is it that we need to fake anything? Why is it that the place that we are at this particular moment is not ok? You are exactly where you are and that's it.

We are constantly in a state of expansion so what makes it ok for us to be where we are at? It is ok because we at this moment have the knowledge to lead us through to the next moment. You are complete just as you are. No outside authority is going to give you permission to be who you are. This authentic self is the part of you that is accepting, non-judgmental and able to look at the darkest parts within us.

Looking at the dark parts within is a necessary and natural healing that can lead us to this authentic self. Accepting what was and what is is extremely powerful for our growth as human beings. To fake it until we make it does nothing but mask the truth and hinders us from being at peace in this moment.

Recently there was a client who had difficulty understanding that the crisis she was in at the moment was something she could learn about. She did not have to override the conflicts with her feelings regarding her financial difficulties at this moment. She had recently lost her job. She needed to be helped to recognize her feelings of grief in relationship to her job loss. Before she could consider that this could possibly be an opportunity for training regarding her dream of being a chef it was important for her to look within. If she had been holding on to anger regarding the loss of the job without recognizing the grief that lie underneath the anger she would have remained stuck and would not have been able to move forward. Once she was able to feel the deepest corners of her feelings she was then able to recognize this could be an opportunity for a greater expansion of who she truly is.

When we are able to look at the depths within we are able to find our true self and are able to take the next step forward. Rather than fake it till you make it.

Cortney Kane is a psychic artist and healer who provides sessions for people nationally and internationally. She is also an author, radio personality and event speaker. 602.315.4850


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