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Bio-Energetics & SHEN Therapy to Relieve Emotion-Trigger Ailments

Have you ever had a "stress headache"? Has emotional distress ever caused you to have an asthma attack? Have you ever recognized a psychosomatic response to a stressful event? Of course, these types of physiological responses to emotional events are common enough that phrases like "stress headache" and "psychosomatic" have become part of our everyday vocabulary.

Bio-energetics and SHEN Therapy are two therapies that explore the relationship between emotions, physiology, and mental health, and work to release the emotional energy underlying physical or mental ailments.


Bio-energetic analysis concentrates first on the client's physiology. Through exploration and dialogue with the therapist, the client develops a greater awareness of his body and its tension and physical holdings. From this point the client can focus on the thoughts and emotions that are generating tension in the body. A greater awareness of the interplay between the body, thought, and emotion allows the client to address suppressed emotions directly, to let go of past traumas and to relax.


Like Bio-energetics, SHEN Therapy explores the interplay between the body and emotions, but from the perspective of energy flow. Following the work of Richard Pavek and the physics of the "biofield" - a modern, scientific re-defining of Qi, or chakras - SHEN practitioners place their hands on the client in a series of locations indicated by the emotional condition of the client. Through a willful interchange of energy from the therapist to the client, the therapist refocuses the client's energy flow. The realigned energy in turn can release involuntary body contractions that had trapped painful emotions, permitting the client to let go of the pain.

Both Bio-energetics and SHEN Therapy have proven successful in treating common ailments, including anxiety attacks, eating disorders, PTSD, migraines and many more.


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