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Bipolar Disorder: A Diagnosis is Not a Life-Time Sentence


I was diagnoses by a psychiatrist when I quit drinking that I had Bipolar Disorder.  His first prescription for me was Lithium, which became toxic to me, even in a therapeutic range.  After three blood tests, he immediately took me off the treatment, as he was terribly afraid of the possible toxic results. 

After several trials of different prescriptions, the doctor put me on Depakote which lasted for about 15 years.  A friend advised me to discontinue the drugs because my side effects of trembling and lack of clear thinking became worse than the cure.  I followed his suggestion and stopped the medication. It saved my life.

This was the worst withdrawal I have experienced.  I have healed from many addictions, and the withdrawal from Valium was difficult for several years because it has a half-life.  However, through this withdrawal from Depakote, I could not drive, write a check, or think straight for four months.  Thank goodness, I kept my spiritual program in focus throughout this difficult time or I would not have been able to walk into a sober, clean, and healthy life.

Each day a loving God was like the carrot before the mule. I went through extremely hard transformations by leaving the past violence, abandonment, and shame that had driven my life of survival and victimization behind.  In changing to a new life focused on principals of love, I found that Bipolar Disorder is a way to run away from reality.  Moreover, medications were like alcohol. Both were drugging me and keeping me stuck in my insanity.


I found hope when I read a quote by Edgar Cayce, The Father of Holistic Health, who stated, “There are in truth no incurable conditions.”  I used the support from a 12-step program to help me keep my head and actions moving into wellness. It was time to give up my old mindset from my family of living in a fear-based life of alcoholism and mental illness.  My surrender to a caring Higher Power was my answer.  I found that wellness is my spiritual inheritance. Love would heal my life. 

If I stay sick, I am not in the moment, but reliving my woundedness from the past. My ego wants me to remain stuck in this mindset of powerlessness, hopelessness, and victimization. Discovering that the past is history, and that my brain replays the trauma in which I still react to everything around me was important. Because I knew the prescriptions were poisoning me and I was dying, I had to find another way; it became imperative. Now, I could fire my old messages from the ego and move into my heart where it is loving, safe, and my real power dwells in me as me.  I vowed to move into reality where I would regain my power to be real. 

Prayer and meditation are the key to recovery because they move you into a higher consciousness.  I humbly asked God to remove my Bipolar Disorder and thanked him for replacing it with His love and grace.  I also do many supportive actions that raise my vibrations into the Christ-Consciousness.  Flower Essences became essential to move out the old energy.  They push out stuck, unconstructive, emotional energy leaving space for loving energy to replace the old trauma, crisis, fear, and other negativity from the past.  Over time, I moved into grace, which restored the natural chemical balance in my body.

 There are no vacations from being conscious. Asking God to daily guide my thoughts, words and actions, changes my motivation into projecting love instead of my old emotions.  Another practical suggestion is to drink lots of water; this will flush out your system.  If you carry a bottle of water, write on paper: "peace, love, joy, health, and prosperity," the fruits of the spirit, and face it inward for the water to connect with the vibrations of the words. According to Dr. Emoto, words will transform the water. Use a clear bottle as colors also transfer to the energy of the drinking water.  I use a rubber band to keep the paper in place.  Over time as you drink this water, you will feel more spiritual.


A major new learning was that you could “react” from history or “create” your present.  Listening to the guidance from within brings miracles today. In the right state of choosing to be in unity and wholeness in consciousness, in that Holy Moment you are in Divine Reality, also called “Christ Consciousness.  There are no symptoms to heal when you are in this higher consciousness, the presence of God.  It became my purpose to be a whole person living in harmony, balance, and in the moment.

Bipolar Disorder was another lesson to learn to love and forgive others and myself. All conditions are wake-up calls that identify where we can come into harmony with the cosmos.  Even the difficult lessons are gifts for growing into the new person you are becoming.  Thank God daily for every opportunity to grow.  Bipolar Disorder became my gift to learn that there is no life sentence, only the occasion to become one with God.

Marilyn has just completed a book with the steps to help others overcome their maladies including Bipolar Disorder, called, “Paradigm Busters, Revealing the Real You”.  You no longer need to live with any illness. Her experience of healing from eight addictions, including Bipolar Disorder, domestic violence, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Hyperglycemia, depression, stress, and more, by becoming a spiritual person allowing God’s love to flow through her life.  She has not had any alcohol for 27 years or prescription drugs for over 12 years.  Her life is now rational, loving, and feels content.

As an Internationally Board Certified Regressionist, she assists people to find the root cause of any illness so it can be replaced with a loving solution.  An international author, speaker, consultant, and columnist, she hosted and produced her own talk radio show, “Marilyn's Solutions”, and often appears in interviews on radio and television.


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