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Celebrating Dr. Masaru Emoto – Messages in WATER

Michiko Hayashi, longtime personal assistant of Dr. Emoto, talks about Dr. Emoto’s ground breaking discoveries and legacy with the Emoto Peace Project. Photo’s of crystals before and after being exposed to different words, thoughts and intentions in his experiments showed water has memory, by holding the same vibration of what it has been exposed to. Since we are mostly made up of water, we feel the same vibration of what we are exposed to as well. Positive words, thoughts, prayers and intentions are shown to create beautifully formed crystals, while negative words, thoughts and intentions create unstructured blobs of water molecules. Michiko also talks about Dr. Emoto’s close relationship with the Hopi, and her continuing support of our clean water mission on the reservation. Visit here to learn more.

Michiko Hayashi – Global Ambassador, Emoto Peace Project


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