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Conscious Languaging - Christopher Tims

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Mean what you say and say what you mean.

Let your conscience be your guide

Each one of us has an inner village within. This inner village is comprised of personality fragments, personified aspects of ourselves from different stages of our lives as well as foundational archetypes framed by the collective. This inner village speaks with us continuously, much like the nights of the round table bantering about different ideas and opinions about the affairs to be attended to on any given day. Unfortunately, instead of presiding over the round table most of us find ourselves overwhelmed by the many voices of our own psyche.

In times like these when we find ourselves In the middle of unpredictable great change, Most people will react to life rather than consciously choose to act. This means that the inner Village instead of being a council of diverse opinions helping you form a good life strategy initiates mob rule. This leads to confusion, frustration, fear, uncertainty and a complete lack of any true inspiration. There are several very simple ways of renegotiating your own place of authority within your own inner village. The first and simplest to apply is learning how to take a moment, create space.

We all have many opportunities throughout each day, to take space, to find a moment. For instance, each time you enter your vehicle before you begin your journey and when you arrive at your destination before you depart from the vehicle you sit quietly and count to 10. This takes you out of the reactionary rhythm that most people get caught up in. As you find more opportunities to discover space and count to 10, you will find a calming and a settling of the voices within your own inner village. This is the beginning of integration.

I also recommend the cultivation and practice of inner light, inner sound and inner presence. These qualities are the foundational pillars of all existence which will elevate your awareness and insight. Revealing new opportunities, adventures and the fulfillment that you've always been looking for.

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