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Covid-19 tip: Using Essential Oils

We wanted to reach out again and wish everyone a wonderful week and fantastic health! Dr. Shimizu is here to support your every physical, emotional, and mental healing need. AIM Center stands to really focus on empowering you, creating strong vitality from every aspect, and supporting your immune system. Dr. Shimizu is still offering one-on-one consultations and treatment but is also available for remote webcam consultations and treatments via Zoom. Please let your friends, family and coworkers know that we are here to support whatever health needs arise! Any supplement or remedy needs, please email or call (and leave a voicemail) the office. Many supplements are out of stock or back ordered, but Dr. Shimizu is available for quick appointments over the phone or webcam to test for alternative supplements that would work best for your body using Frequency Specific Resonance Testing (FSRT). You are welcome to pick ordered supplements up from our office or we can mail it to you.

Covid-19 tip:

Certain essential oils have antimicrobial/antiviral properties! These oils include: tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, pine, peppermint, cinnamon oil, lavender, clove, thyme and oregano. Diffuse these oils in your home and work space to not only provide emotional balancing, but to cleanse and enhance your environment. We recommend using high quality essential oils and use doTerra oils in our office. If you'd like to purchase doTerra essential oils, please email us.  Thank you, Dr. Jyun Shimizu AIM Center


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