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Energy Healing for Pets

Updated: Apr 3, 2019


We are more than our physical bodies. Dr. Rewers explained. "The physical body is energy that vibrates at a frequency slow enough that we perceive it to be solid. Layers around the physical body are like blueprints for the solid body. Vibrating at higher frequencies, they are not solid but subtler, and still have an influence on our health and well being. These layers include emotional, mental, spiritual and others. These can be felt or seen with practice. Have you ever walked into a room and felt tension from a previous argument, even when there are no visual clues? You were picking up on these unseen energies. Animals are extremely perceptive of these subtle influences."

Our overall wellbeing depends on our physical health as well as the wellness of our energetic body. In another words, wellness is more than the absence of illness. To achieve optimal health, we have to consciously address our emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Grounding Meditation is a great starting point. Better yet, it is a practice that can be done anytime, anywhere.


The hustle of today's world can easily knock us out of sync with nature. "Grounding is a sort of meditation practice in which we get very calm and focused on our connection with the earth. This is an opportunity to allow stress and anxiety or business to transform and let peace and stillness have more influence on our bodies and minds instead." Dr. Rewers offered the guidance.

"Animals are keen to pick up on subtle body language and other non-verbal communication and cues, such as energy, “vibes,” pheromones, and intentions. By having a regular meditation practice that cleanses and grounds our own personal energy, the health of our animal companions can be affected positively." Have your pet sit next to you as you meditate and share the positive energy.

Get settled in. "Imagine one of the beautiful, tall cedar trees that live amongst us in the Pacific Northwest. Observe the solidarity with which the trunks grow straight and tall. See how they sway gently in even the strongest windstorms. It is this flexibility that empowers their strength. Use this imagery to elongate your own spine, while relaxing your shoulders and pelvis."Then go deeper. "Think of the root system that digs deep into the soil. This gives strength and nutrients. Imagine your own connection to deep within the earth emanating from your waist and connecting your legs and body solidly with the ground. Keep this connection even as you begin to move again. The “roots” are key to grounding and keeping you solid. This is also a beautiful channel for releasing all that is no longer serving you—like worry, doubt, or fear—into the earth for recycling. After letting go of those things that you do not need, imagine sustenance coming up through your legs from the earth into your body, like water and minerals from the soil."Expand. "Next extend your arms over your head, stretching your spine and shoulders fully. Imagine the branches of trees and how all the leaves collect sunlight for energy. Breathe deeply in a healthy exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The more rooted you are, the taller you can reach without being knocked off your center, just like the tree."Refocus. "Anytime you feel like either of you need more grounding, go back to the root part of the meditation. Breathe deeply throughout. Place your hand gently over the sacrum, or tail end of the spine, on your dog or cat. This gentle pressure and intention can help ground your pet, helping them to ease anxiety and ground. "


Qi Gong is another energy healing practice that can be beneficial to both you and your pets. Dr. Rewers explained. "Qi gong is an ancient Chinese meditation that incorporates gentle movement or stillness, breathwork, and mindfulness to cultivate and circulate universal healing energy, or qi." Energy healing is built on the concept that vital life energy flows through our bodies. Disruption in the energy flow will result in illness or emotional disturbance. Energy healing aims to restore health by clearing energy blockage, restoring bodily function, calming anxiety, and gaining mental clarity.

"Animals benefit from being around the improved circulating energy, even when we are doing the practice for ourselves. Not only does it improve our health and relaxation, the effect has waves that are felt by the animals. Many seem to become less anxious while being around people who are practicing qi gong. When a person is learning qi gong, energy can be palpated and experienced first-hand. This is a direct experience that is life changing."


Dr. Rewers recalled. "My first cat suddenly had a paralyzed tail and hyper reactivity to touch anywhere on the back of her body. She could not jump, and her tail hung completely limp, although touching it evoked tremendous pain and she would have to move away from the touch, screaming in pain. She was the first patient who demonstrated to me the powerful healing techniques of qi gong. While I was meditating and doing my qi gong practice, she actually started to climb up my pant leg, asking me to share some of the energy. So I gently directed it to her. I felt a massive amount of flow from my hands to her body, and she soaked that up for twenty minutes."

"By the end of the session she was moving all but about 3 inches in the middle of her tail normally. The next day we repeated the treatment, again at her request by pawing at my pant leg. By the end of this second, shorter treatment of about fifteen minutes, she could completely move her tail and she was able to jump and run again. She even started playing with my dog again, which she had not done in years. If she had not shown me what was possible with the qi gong energy work, I would not have believed it possible. Since then, I have met a few cats and dogs who are too sensitive to acupuncture needles, and so we do qi gong healing instead, with really positive results and resolution of symptoms. These techniques are useful for helping the immune system kick out infections, for behavior issues, as well as other types of illness."

Qi Gong may be offered in combination with other healing modalities. Holistic veterinaries can help to identify the best treatments for your best friends.

Dr. Darla Rewers, DVM, is the owner of Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary. She offers primary healthcare for pets as well as veterinary acupuncture and herbs, holistic remedies, qi gong classes and energy work.



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