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Explore and More - Bringing Compassion into Action While You Travel.

Hear about Airline Ambassador’s new approach on humanitarian missions. They’ve just made it easy to travel with a purpose, and put compassion into action. “Explore and More” offers several travel destinations where AA’s “in country” contacts can arrange a mission of your choice, with a customized itinerary, even for just a day!

Listen in to find out how to make your next travel destination just as meaningful and rewarding as fun!

Host: Martha Childress

Guest Nancy Rivard. President and Founder Airline Ambassadors International.

AAI Announces Our NEW “Explore and More” program!

Airline Ambassadors was created to “Travel with a Purpose” & bring “Compassion into Action”

Years ago, it was fairly easy for airline employees to get on a flight “space available” for little to no cost. Then, the employee could bring an almost unlimited number of bags filled with donations along with him/her…also for no cost!

Obviously times have changed and so has the work we do around the world. In our post-pandemic era, it is almost impossible to fly space available and completely impossible to check more than two 50 pound bags without paying extraordinary fees.

It is also becoming more difficult to schedule our mission trips to fit everyone’s schedule.

AAI is NOW offering YOU a way to “travel with a purpose” while making your oown itinerary…on your own time….to Explore and More!

Explore and More offers you connection with our vetted projects to incorporate visiting or working there…as part of your itinerary.

Send an email to to let us know where you want to visit:

and we will send you a list of projects and contacts in each country. We will also be adding trips to Colombia, Mexico and more!

You must be a part of our Angel team to be part of this program. If you are not yet an Angel you can become one by clicking here.


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