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Female Empowerment

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

This week's show brought a very disturbing issue to the forefront. Sex trafficking has been around for ages, though it has not garnered the awareness it deserves. The Justice Department estimates  that each year at least 200,000 children are trafficked for sex in the U.S., generating upward of $32 billion a year. To try to understand the issue, the Urban Institute conducted a survey of the underground commercial sex economy in eight US cities. According to the survey, the sex economy in each of these cities come in between $39.9 million and $290 million in 2007, with Atlanta topping the list. Seattle ranked third, with the size of its underground sex economy doubled in the 5 years ending 2007, to $112 million.

What does sex trafficking has to do with Female Empowerment? An MSNBC report revealed that more than 85% of sex trafficking cases involved women and girls. This issue hits all spheres of the society, according to the Polaris Project, which runs the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. The people who fall prey are usually more vulnerable. Those who hope for a better life, lack employment opportunities, have an unstable home life, have history of sexual abuse or trauma, and those oppressed, marginalized and/or impoverished are usual victims. In an interview with PBS, Meredith Dank, the lead author of the Urban Institute report, agreed that psychological coercion is often used to recruit and retain these sex trade workers. She suggested that one preventive measure is to provide psychological and mental health support for those who are vulnerable.

Healing power is within us. Individuals can be empowered to break away from the victim mode. Keesha Ewers, our guest this week, provided useful tips on self empowerment for all ages and genders. "Know your Self", with a capital "S", she suggested. Differentiated from the ego self driven by the logical brain and easily influenced by cognitive distortion, Keesha focused on the Devine Natural Self, the one driven by the Heart.  Getting in touch with one's Self will increase awareness, help identify and heal old wounds, and let one take responsibility for his/her future.

An insightful discussion on female empower. One can learn to stop feeling like a victim and start making positive changes in life.

Listen to braodcast 04/08/14

Keesha Ewers, owner of Fern Life Center and host of Healthy YOU! Radio


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