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Feng Shui and Energy Vampires

This fun show gave an insight to our Energy Vampires or drainer, we encounter

daily. One moment you are feeling happy and positive then suddenly, you have brain

fog, become anxious or nervous. Those are the symptoms of an encounter with an

Energy Vampire. It is not about judging a person, only an awareness of their taking

our energy. Most are done unconsciously, Darielle gave short breathing, setting an

intention, including the Bubble technique . A fast way to shift your state of mind

after an encounter. Bringing you back to positive state, you can learn more about

this fascinating subject with Darielle’s upcoming Energy Vampire Protection

Masterclass, November 17 or November 20.

Feng Shui and how to use it during the holiday to bring in Harmony, using the

blueprint overlay know as the Bagua. In Feng Shui has a place to support each

person, from the shy, bossy, to the mediator. Places to support your children,

creative types, even your furry family member. Begin new traditions. In her

upcoming masterclass you can learn how to make your create Holiday Harmony.

November 6 or November 9.

Host: Martha Childress

Guest: Darielle Archer

Feng Shui Holiday Harmony Masterclass,

Energy Vampire Protection Masterclass

Website: Yavapai College:

Yavapai College Fall Catalogue of Classes


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