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From Physical Virtual -3 Creative Ways To “Take What You Do" & Generate Income Online

Georges shares his simple steps to get online fast. He listed a few things that you will need to start earning money online. His classes are short under 10 minutes, easy to follow and understand. Take you knowledge share it online and build your audience, share your brilliance with a new group of people, and make money. Does this sound like something you would like, Yes! Check out his mini-course and explore.

3 simple steps –

1. How to get paid: Stripe account linked to paypal

2. Sign up form: Convertkit - easy sign up form

3. Zoom pro account - no time limit (free acct…40 min limit)

Host: Darielle Archer

Guest: Georges WAnsek

Georges Giveaway: 3 Tools To Get An Online Business Started TODAY With No Tech Skills

Listen to Broadcast 2021-08-10


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