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Guide to Healing - The Tenets of Resolving Pain

Dawn Spiegelberg LMT LAMT CPT-OS

July 8, 2020

If you’ve been in pain, you know how it seems to grow and morph into a big ugly uncontrollable

monster. The pain can begin with some type of movement - a step, a reach - and because it hurts so dramatically, you stop moving to stay the discomfort. And that seems to work for a little while, but then it returns. It plagues you to the point that good sleep becomes a needed resource. Then, in a desperate panic to find relief, you decide taking medications like your doctor recommended may just be the only recourse...

This progression, from a little to overwhelming pain, is true for you and the 2 Million Americans

who have found themselves addicted to pain medications. The costs of addiction are a whopping $500 Billion a year between healthcare, criminal justice, and accidents to name a few.

What no one seems to be talking about is the truth that it doesn’t have to be this way. Our bodies

have an amazing ability to heal and be whole. A concept that seems to have been forgotten. This incredible possibility is demonstrated by simple principles and can be applied to the most severe cases with strikingly positive results.

Summed up in 6 tenets, here is the truth uncovered - pain no longer need control your life. You

truly can be free.

1- The body has the ability to heal itself

This is an amazing gift that we all take for granted. Think about it – when you cut your finger,

do you have to focus on clotting that blood?

Do you force the skin to create scar tissue to restore it? It does so automatically and with no

conscious effort!

That’s not only true for scrapes but it’s true for everything concerning our body. In fact, if you

have a condition that your body is struggling to heal from, then it doesn’t have the tools

necessary to overcome it and be whole.

2- Any pain or disease is due to an imbalance

A broken ankle results in swelling and pain, a sign that it moved too far out of it’s normal range

of motion; a diabetic has difficulty balancing blood sugar; depression may be due to high cortisol

levels from prolonged stress; etc. Any symptom of pain, discomfort, or disease is due to an

imbalance that requires a solution.

3- Identify the cause and the symptoms resolve

All too often, medical professionals are not able to pinpoint the underlying cause of a symptom.

Without understanding causes, they focus to alleviate symptoms. For example, if a person with a broken ankle is only given a pain killer, that’s not addressing the actual cause of the pain - a

broken bone - the problem does not go away and eventually the medicine stops working. This

practise often results in more complications because walking on a break will cause more pain and damage to ligaments and other soft tissues.

4- Endeavor to realign your Body

Pain in the body, or the mind, is a sign post pointing to what needs to be addressed. It is

causing you to feel separate and severed from the wholeness that comes with good health and optimal

wellness. Living in pain decreases your stress management capacity and adds to the cycle

of tension. BODYWISE resolves pain, calms the body, and restores balance.

5- Think in regard to Values

Each of us has a list of noble values, like honesty and integrity... take a moment to really think

about this. Do we treat our body honestly? Do we hold our physical being in high integrity?

We are not truly honest when we say we have a 'bad' knee. A knee is not inherently bad. What kinds of things do you say about your body?

In addition, when we align our Thoughts with what we value we take responsibility for the cause of our symptom. This is a vital and big first step to healing. Our body is communicating specific

messages - do you know what it's saying?

6- Believe you can be get out of pain

Perhaps you've tried fixing your posture, but it goes back to slouching. Maybe you've tried

affirmations, but your mind just hasn't changed.

Both your Body and your Thoughts are manifesting what you BELIEVE. Without holding fast to what is True, changes are merely temporary.

Discover the Beliefs that have been holding your life hostage, and experience what it is to live in

full Health and vitality - You are meant for great things and pain doesn’t have to hold you back

from being fulfilled.

Without belief, no treatment will seem to work. With belief, your body is completely transformed.


BODYWISE specializes in discovering the cause of symptoms so that the body can heal itself.

Clients feel better, move better, and live better.

Move your Body Know your Mind

Awaken your Heart


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