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Healing Cancer Naturally with the Gerson Diet

The Gerson diet, a time tested and effective anti-cancer diet, was formulated over 70 years ago. Dr Max Gerson, a German born physician, believed that diet alone could cure most ailments ranging from migraines to cancer. Seventy years later, the diet is regaining popularity. Many patients and their families are searching for time tested yet effective natural diets to help with their condition. They are no longer satisfied with the cut, burn and poison tactics employed by western medicine.  Furthermore, they may have an idea that their illness may be secondary to nutritional deficiencies or exposure to toxins.


A medical pioneer, far ahead of his time, Dr. Gerson compiled several underlying theories of chronic disease and cancer. In fact, He described the difference between the chronically ill and those suffering from Cancer as "the chronically ill patient has a weakened/damaged liver, whereas the cancer patient has a toxic liver."  He based the diet on three main therapeutic tenets; nutritional support, liver detoxification and immune support.

Nutritional Support

The Gerson diet contains specific nutritional components: a low sodium/ high potassium diet to eliminate the edematous environment surrounding the tumor. A diet temporarily low in protein is utilized in order to ‘starve' the growth of the cancer cells. The diet incorporates highly alkalinizing foods; this supports aerobic glycolysis instead of the acid producing anaerobic glycolysis; thereby creating an unfriendly (alkaline environment) for the cancer to live. Only organic fruits and vegetables are allowed; the idea here is to flood the bloodstream and tissues with highly nutrient dense foods allowing the organs to heal. Its at this level of nutritional support that the liver can begin its "correct" detoxification process.

Liver Detoxification

Liver detoxification occurs as the diet is cleaner; the juices also help this process by stimulating the detoxification pathways. This occurs by the liver "dumping" toxic metabolites into the bile. Since bile is mostly reabsorbed back into the biliary tract (along with all it's toxic debris), coffee enemas are employed to help remove the poisons before reabsorption occurs. Coffee enemas are one of the most powerful tools for flushing toxins from the liver. Without this extremely effective "flush" the diet would not have its level of efficacy; toxins in and toxins out are an absolute part of this program!

Immune Support

Supporting the Immune System is an integral aspect of the Gerson diet. Gerson believed that the body could "destroy" its own cancerous tissues as well as eliminate several other diseases; the immune support includes Lugols iodine, dessicated thyroid, COQ10 and other nutrient specific supplements. Digestive enzymes are used in a special manner in order to "digest" the cancer cells or other unhealthy complexes causing disease. The body is therefore able to create its own "healing inflammation"; a "counter attack" on the tumourous cells.


The Gerson diet has a seventy plus year history of correcting unhealthy diseases and helping restore patients back to health. A Gerson practitioner , trained by the Gerson Institute, considers the patients vitality, blood work, labs and stage of disease. They're placed on a highly specific therapeutic regime to help them heal.

Dr Lucinda Messer is a local Naturopathic physician. She holds a fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapies.  She is a Gerson practitioner (certified by the Gerson Institute).


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