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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

As a nation, are we too obsessed with our appearances? According to a survey by the Beauty Company, an average woman spend $15,000 on makeup in the lifetime. The beauty and personal care industry is a large part of our economy. With an improving economic outlook and aging population, this industry is expected to continue to grow through 2017. While there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty, the problem is how we get there. A 2009 Biosen poll showed that the average woman uses 515 different chemicals on herself each day. [source: Euromonitor]

Luckily, more informed consumers are driving changes in the past few years. Women are increasing interested in natural beauty that comes from better health. Manufacturers are now incorporating more natural ingredients into their products. This new trend has also fueled a 13% rise, or $18B, in health and wellness related food and beverages in the past five years.

Kat James, our guest of the week, would applause this trend. Kat was a makeup artist who had been dealing with boosting beauty on a daily basis. Paradoxically, her own appearance was falling apart due to her failing health at a young age. Rather than relying on drugs, she took a natural approach to health. By consuming real foods and supplements, she was able to regain her health. Beauty follows naturally. She lost the excess pounds and regained her vitality. Don't look at artificial measurements, like weight, Kat suggests, but think about health.

Tune in to get inspired by Kat's story and kick start your health journey.A personal story about how health crisis inspired a beauty professional to turn to natural healing. And in the process, she found natural beauty.

Listen to broadcast 04/02/14

Kat James, Informed Beauty, and author of The Truth about Beauty


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