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Helping the Hopi

Becky Masayesva on the Hopi Reservation contacted me about getting some food and donations for the Hopi and as many elderly and others on Hopi land had not eaten for weeks. I had worked with the Hopi before in providing clean water units.

There is only one food truck that comes to the Hopi for some villages per month and last month's truck did not come because it broke down and because of the virus lock-down. So people were left to starve.

I told Becky I would be happy to help, and immediately started fundraising, announcing the need on my radio show on May 1, 2020.. Within two days, I had gotten in over $1000 in donations to buy food for the Hopi. There are many more good people out there than bad and I am so happy that everyone is helping!

I especially want to thank Martha Childress, who picked up the food and delivered it, Leon McLaughlin from the Clean Water Foundation, Debora from Brazil, Charlie from Tacoma Washington, Deloris from Pennsylvania, Jodi from California, Anyes from Victoria BC, Dorothy form Montreal, and everyone else who has been helping!

The employees and management of Walmart at the Huntington store Flagstaff Arizona were especially helpful as Martha coordinated with the produce manager, Christina, for the bulk purchase of the fresh fruits and vegetables. Martha personally delivered the food to the Hopi on May 5, 2020, as well as replacement water filters.

Together we can create a much better and happier world!

Love and Gratitude, Ted Mahr, host of OutofThisWorld radio on KKNW NW 1150 AM.


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