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Inner Workouts to Achieve Your Wight Management Goals

Your actions, thoughts and feelings create your physical body. What are you doing, thinking and feeling right now? As a personal trainer for 14 years, I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of women. I found that when a client's self esteem was high, they tended to receive results more quickly than those who felt poorly about themselves. Those with low self esteem would look in the mirror and only see their faults. In my 20's I used to do the same thing, I can remember the first time I read the words "your thoughts create your reality." I was shocked! Why hadn't anyone told me this before? For years I had been playing tapes in my head that said "I was ugly, fat and stupid."

When I look back at my pictures now, I see a smart, beautiful yet waifish woman! As the years went by my perception of myself improved for the better. Everything changed drastically when I did my inner workouts, which involved looking in the mirror, noticing my smile, my eyes and how far I had progressed. Now, I feel much healthier, gained a bit of weight, and have become more in-tune with the woman I am on the inside.

Being a hypnotherapist for the last 5 years has given me the opportunity to hear what people think about themselves. Looking in the mirror was almost impossible for many of my clients. With practice, they learned to see the beauty within and change their negative thoughts. Physical exercise is vital to maintaining your desired weight, muscle tone and aerobic capacity, but it will do you no good if you don't feel worthy of receiving love.

Now I encourage a spiritual workout that helps with blockages in your chakra system. I know now that the energy you can't see does indeed matter! Changing your thoughts and tuning up your chakras allows you to energetically rid yourself of past issues that may be weighing on you. Holding onto negative emotions can add physical weight to your body. If you are having trouble taking off those extra pounds, then you may be protecting yourself unknowingly, and no diet in the world will help you. Why not put your mind on a diet? Why not try a holistic approach to weight loss? You may lose inches and gain more energy... plus a ton of self-esteem.

Dena Marie is the author of Our Energy Matters and founder of Lift Your Spirits. She is a personal trainer for the body, mind and spirit. If the world is weighing on you, why not try classes, workshops and spiritual counseling that will lift your spirits! 425 350-5448


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