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Laugh More, Smile More

1. Laugh creates cell movement. If you do not have enough exercise, at least let your cell exercise. It is simple. You just need to laugh.

2. Have you seen people rolling in bed with laughter? It is a very intense body exercise. Body cells are in a quiver, just like cells in a dance. People even laugh with tears.

3. When you laugh, your diaphragm vibrates up and down with contraction and relaxation. Your breathing and heartbeat speeds up. You inhale more oxygen and improve blood circulation. At the same time, cells of internal organs in the abdomen vibrate, liver cells move, pancreatic cells move, gastrointestinal mobility begins, even the bladder cells move. Laugh and laugh, bladder control can loosen up, and people with constipation can also get benefit.Therefore, laughing is an exercise for internal organs. Cells in visceral is jogging. What an interesting analogy ... ha ha ha ha ha.

4. What about your delicate smile? When you smile, your body is relaxed. When your body relaxes, your body cells feel comfortable. When your cells feel comfortable, they can lengthen and shorten for operational needs. In other words, the cells are doing yoga, like doing stretching exercises. Cells do yoga? It is funny, ha ha. You laugh again, alright? Your body is so relaxed by your smile that it helps you relieve your tension and reduce cell pressure.

5. When you feel physically and mentally fatigue, try to laugh. Fatigue can be soothed by laughing. Excitement can make the body's energy flow smoothly.

6. Laugh can treat diseases. "Smile Back Disease" (World Press) is story about an American writer suffering from a very painful disease. He could not move any joints and the disease could not be cured. He collected a lot of funny videos, laughing a few hours a day every day. A few weeks later, the disease actually improved slowly.

7. When you smile or make others smile, your disease becomes less serious. You earn more chances to recover.

8. How to make yourself laugh? The simplest is to feel the gratitude. Give thanks to everything. May God bless you! Ha ha ha ha ha, let's laugh!


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