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Making space for Miracles in 2021!

Guest Host Darielle Archer and Robin Alexis, Host of Mystic Radio’s Past Lives, People and Pets, join Martha to continue their conversation about “letting go” of 2020, and what they want to “let grow” in 2021!

Releasing Formula PDF files are available for download at the end of this article.

Listen in to hear about ways to create more space for miracles in 2021, and how to use intentions, imagination, proclamations and trust to create a brighter and more sovereign future for us ALL.

We’re all in this together…so please join us by downloading our “Miracles for 2021 and beyond!” (link) formula, to invite and embrace MIRACLES along with Darielle, Robin and Martha during these crazy times.

Guest Darielle Archer Co-Host Natural Choice Network Radio

Listen to Broadcast 2021-01-05

How To Use Releasing Formula
Download PDF • 108KB

Releasing Formula And Your Miracle 2021
Download • 87KB


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