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My calendar said April 18th. Spring for certain, I thought. The robins had migrated to my backyard. Finches were checking out my birdhouses. My Oregon grape and quince bushes, flanked by tulips and hyacinths were all in full bloom.

What then was the purpose of the four inches of snow in my backyard Saturday morning! Previously, the latest snow recorded was April 17th. Now we can claim the 18th and 19th. Is this the kind of record we want to break? At least, it seems to me, since there was a previous April snow recorded, this is not one to attribute to our global warming. Not necessarily, anyway.

In my reading the other day I was impressed by how September 11, 2001 continues to impact people who live in New York, especially those in Manhattan. From that thought, my mind moved to whether I have made different choices than I would have in July or August 2001.

I find it interesting that the snow and a novel have moved me to reflect on Nine Eleven and my life. I ask you to join me in reflection.

How is our country different as a result of our shared tragedies? In some ways our nation is different. In some ways, nothing has changed.

How are you different? Do you remember the pictures you saw on television? What stands out in your mind now, six and a half years later?

Are we, you and I, kinder to each other? More aware of the needs in our community? More conscious of honoring Mother Nature and her gifts to us?

Friday a friend said he was expanding his spiritual practices, exploring ways he could learn to ‘get over himself' and flow more fluidly in his life. What a wonderful goal: to be able to be present to each moment: to accept it as an opportunity to learn: to grow: to appreciate what life offers as gifts rather than as impediments to our progress.

To grow spiritually, with awareness and compassion, is one way to pay homage to Nine Eleven. Continue to let yourself be changed.

Let me know how you are. If you have moved, be sure I have your new address. I am still around (both offices). I still care.

Happy springtime. Be well. Take care of yourself. Embrace your life and all that it gives you. And have a wonder-filled summer.

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