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New Year "Evolution"

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

January is a time that many of us establish new year resolutions. We look and look to find greener pasture for a better and grander year. But is the grass really greener elsewhere? Maybe this year, we should look within instead, Dr. Turcotte, our guest of the week, suggested.

According to Dr. Turcotte, our thoughts create our perceived reality. So positive thoughts help to drive positive attitude and actions. Our thoughts can also have an effect on our health. Our body has the innate power to heal itself naturally. However our physical body responses to our mental state. Negative thoughts and environment can interrupt such a healing process. For our physical and mental wellbeing, we need to condition our mind to create the right environment for healing.

New Year "Evolution": Look within to Heal

Listen to broadcast 01/07/14

Dr. Michelle Turcotte, Connected Wellness Center


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