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Pain Relief with Neuromuscular Therapy & Trager


There is a widely held idea in America that pain is simply a part of life, and that as we grow older we simply deal with the pain either in quiet resolution, or with the help of pain killers, or surgical intervention. Fortunately, natural healthcare providers look at pain differently than most allopathic care providers. For example, massage practitioners who practice Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and the Trager Approach treat pain as a symptom of dysfunction in the central nervous system. By treating this dysfunction with massage, these therapists are able to bring balance to the nervous system and relive pain - often times permanently -- without the use of pain killers or surgical intervention.


NMT uses static pressure on specific myofascial points in the body to bring balance to the central nervous system and relieve pain. Injury, stress, or bad posture inhibits the nervous system from its natural, healthy flow of impulses from the brain throughout the body. Manipulation of myofascial trigger points helps restore a balanced flow of nerve impulses, stabilizing the neurological activity in the body and normalizing function and overall health.

NMT has proven an effective treatment for chronic pain, sciatica, rotator cuff dysfunction, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint dysfunction and migraines. NMT is considered by many to be among the most effective forms of massage therapy for lower back pain. It is also used to locate and release spasms and hyper contractions in muscle tissue. Like most massage therapies, NMT also aids the healing process for injured tissue, assists in venous and lymphatic flow, restores postural alignment, and imparts flexibility to the tissues.


Trager Approach is a bodywork therapy developed in the 1920s by American medical practitioner Dr. Milton Trager. Dr. Trager's method makes extensive use of physical contact with the client, and encourages the client to experience a release of tension in different parts of the body. The approach consists of simple exercises of visualization, called Mentastics, and deep, nonintrusive hands-on work, including fluid, gentle, rocking movements. The motion of the muscles and joints produces positive sensory feelings that are then fed back into the central nervous system, resulting in a feeling of lightness, freedom, and flexibility.

Clients of Trager Approach practitioners report success in treating a wide range of physical ailments, including degenerative muscular disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, post stroke trauma, chronic pain, migraine headaches, even asthma. Individuals who receive Trager therapy also report the disappearance of pain, increased levels of energy, improved posture and carriage, greater joint mobility, and a higher sense of relaxation, vitality and mental clarity.


For many people, wellness begins by relieving their chronic pain. Regardless of how your life may be going otherwise, pain can rob you of your enjoyment of life, and make ordinary obstacles seem insurmountable. Both Neuromuscular Therapy and Trager Approach offer proven solutions to chronic pain by addressing dysfunction in the central nervous system.


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