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Patrick Flanagan – His Life, His Legacy and His Library

Not only was Patrick Flanagan revered for his genius and countless inventions, he was also treasured for his generosity and kindness and recognized as an international icon.

Most commonly known as the Author of the 1973 blockbuster book Pyramid Power, he is also considered a 'Father of the New Age' movement through his health and wellness inventions. Hear Gisele talk about his life, his endless desire to unveil the nature of the universe, and the legacy he left behind with the Patrick Flanagan Library in Sedona. AZ. At the Library (or on-line) you’ll not only gain access to Patrick ‘s own research, inventions and books, you’ll have access to all the personal materials, resources and books which informed Patrick himself. A step inside the Patrick Flanigan Library is the closest and easiest way to step inside one of the greatest minds of his time. A MUST for all aspiring inventers and inquiring minds.

Host: Martha Childress

Guest: Gisele Bonenfant - Librarian, Patrick Flanagan Library Sedona, AZ


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