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Pet Psychology & Animal Spirit

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

The Life of Pi reflects how much animals and human relate and reflect on each other. Pi's inner tiger is very much part of his life. Animals reflect, says our guest Martha Norwalk. Pets, who spend most of their time with their owners, naturally reflect on the behaviors and feelings of the owners. Wild animals, on the other hand, reflect on the common behaviors of human they encounter. So next time when you question your pets' behaviors, look inward.

Animals have always carried special meanings in human lives since ancient times. Indigenous people rely on their instincts and interpret the messages animals bring. As we move towards a science-based society, we start to lose our innate ability to understand nature. Next time when you are out in the wild, pay attention to what come your way. What messages do these animals carry? Are these sightings random occurrences, reflections of your inner feelings, or foresight of what will come?

Animal spirituality plays a part in pet training as well. Traditional pet training focuses on physical aspects. To truly understand why your pets behave in certain ways and find corrective methods, Martha urges our listeners to emphasize telepathic and empathetic communication.

Young Pi said, "Animals have souls... I have seen it in their eyes".  Have you?

Explore our spiritual and emotional connection with pets and animals.

Listen to broadcast 07/09/13

Martha Norwalk, Animal Behaviorist and Host of "Animal World"


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