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Reconnective Healing: Healing Power of the Universe

Over the years I have experienced some extraordinary - even bizarre - moments of healing. I once burned my arm while cooking in my college cafeteria. My friends encouraged me to get help from an old woman who also worked in the kitchens, and who could heal burns by doing nothing more than holding her hands on the burn. I was skeptical, and refused to ask her for help.

Eventually, the pain in my arm and the growing blisters inspired me to put aside my skepticism and ask the woman if she could help me. So, while she stirred a large pot of pudding (chocolate) and chatted with her friends, she placed her fingers across my blisters. I was left with nothing more to do than stand there feeling silly. Fifteen minutes later I no longer felt silly. My arm no longer hurt. And my burn was gone. I didn't even have a red spot where just a few minutes ago I had burn blisters.

When I asked my newfound friend how she had healed me she simply laughed, shrugged her shoulders, and explained that she did not know how she healed peoples' burns. She had been doing it all her life and had no explanation for her "gift from God." For me, it was a lesson in humility and faith.

I share this story with you now because I have been reading about a healing phenomenon called Reconnective Healing, and found myself confronting the same old skepticism that had discouraged me from getting the help I needed after burning myself in the kitchen.

Reconnective Healing, as described by its' founder Dr. Eric Pearl, "reconnects us to the fullness of the universe as it reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are. It is considered to be able to reconnect us to the universe and to our very essence . . . ." The rediscovery of these energies and their healing powers in turn allows anyone to achieve apparently miraculous cures from physical and mental disease, or even emotional/spiritual trauma.

I do not have much experience in metaphysics and cannot begin to explain the effects of vibrational energy on the human body, never mind "planetary frequencies" and our ability to harness their powers. However, I have experienced miraculous healing. And the testimonials I read on Dr. Pearl's website sound very much like the story I just related:

My daughter's gastrointestinal problem was healed in 1 session.A 20 year old girl was referred to me by her podiatrist who had tried to help her heal her tendonitis with no success. After a 30-minute session, the girl walked out pain free and called the next day to say the tendonitis was completely gone and she was wearing sandals for the first time in years! Now 6 months later, the tendonitis has yet to return.I have had allergies for years (to all kinds of grass, walnut trees, chocolate, perfume and more). I was in the worst part of the season for me when I came to Dr. Pearl for chronic neck pain. Several days after my first treatment I realized I was no longer suffering from allergies.

The Dalai Lama has a very practical explanation for miracles. He explains that miracles are nothing more than something unexpected and unexplained. To some people in the world today, an airplane in flight remains a miracle. To those of us with some understanding of physics, flight is no longer miraculous.

Perhaps someday scientists will better understand the power of energy healing and help ease skeptical minds like my own. Until then I can only refer back to my own experience in a college cafeteria a long time ago. It is with that same sense of humility I encourage you to explore a new modality in healing - Reconnective Healing.


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