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Sacred Space

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Do you have a place where you feel particularly at home? Is there a corner of your house, a nook in your garden, or a vista on a hiking trail where you always escape to for some quietness and peace? Do you have your very own sacred space?

Normally, people associate sacred spaces with famous ancient landmarks. Many believe that these landmarks, such as mounds and worship places, are built along ley lines or Earth's energy fields. According to Chuck Pettis, our guest for today's show, sacred spaces are places which can trigger psychological effects and awake spiritual experiences. In another words, sacred spaces are more than just dots on a map. Sacred spaces are places where you'll find the human connection to the spirituality of a place. These sites transform the energy of the earth, the intention of the creators, and the cumulative spiritual experiences of those that have visited them.

In this broader sense, a sacred space does not need to be the a well-known site with an ancient monument. It can be your very own sanctuary where you feel clear, whole and connected. So this summer, escape the craziness of the world, and honor the spiritual gift of Earth. Find your sacred space, be it your home or a famous monument. But keep in mind our guest's parting words, "wherever you go, leave your spiritual deposit to benefit the place and make it a better place for those that come after you". Pass on the blessings.


What are sacred spaces? How do you find them? An exploration of the spiritual gifts of Earth.

Listen to broadcast 07/23/13

Chuck Pettis, Author of "Secrets of Sacred Space"


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