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Seasonal Allergies: Why & What to Do About It

Updated: Jan 22, 2019


Spring and summer allergy symptoms are here, again. Every year these symptoms recur for allergy sufferers due to pollens from grasses, trees, weeds and flowers. Why is that? Well, these pollens sit on the mucous membranes causing a histamine response in your body which leads to sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, itchy eyes, nose & throat. For some, this can be very severe and this response is akin to a battle where the body sees these pollens as an enemy attacking. Your symptoms are actually the body's attempt to clear the pollens from the mucous membranes. (Ah-ah-ah-CHOOO!)

Foreign substances, which are called antigens, are substances that are capable of causing the production of antibodies; this may or may not lead to an allergic reaction. If you have an interest in prevention for the following season, it may be a wise idea to have testing to determine what allergies you are susceptible to. This will allow your naturopathic physician an opportunity to customize specific treatments for you. Don't throw your hands in the air just yet; we can still help you this season.


Natural treatments for allergies include methods of calming down the frenzied response. You need to help the body clear the irritants and reassure the cells that they don't need to be in battle. (Can't we all just get along?) Also, many people are noticing their allergy symptoms increase over the years. Oddly enough, the adrenal (stress) glands are also involved and a long term stress response will make the body hyper-alert. This may increase the body's tendency of seeing outside factors as the enemy, consequently making allergy symptoms worse. For some, this even leads to asthma symptoms and can be dangerous. Treating allergies early before they get severe can help overall health. An ounce of prevention...

Here are a few naturopathic and acupuncture remedies for allergy treatments

-Chinese patent medicine called Pe Min Kan Wan works amazingly well to decrease sneezing, itching and dripping -Acupuncture treatments to increase breathing and decrease congestion -Homeopathic treatments to desensitize allergy symptoms, decreasing allergies over time -Adrenal support to decrease the "fight the enemy" response -Neti lota pot to help clean the pollens off the membranes

Dr. Lanika Buchanan is the founder of Health Moves PLLC in Woodinville, WA.


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