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Shifting from Uncertainty to Trust in a Time of Drama and Chaos

Everything is changing. What we thought we could count on isn’t the same. I’m sure you can make a long list of what isn’t the same in your life!

Yet, the sun still comes up, friends and family still connect, and life goes on. You may also notice that there can be an underlying uneasiness, almost a sense of dread as if waiting for the next shoe to drop.

How can you shift from this kind of uncertainty and even dread into a more satisfying place of inner trust?

Many of those answers can be found at the Emerald Spiral On-line Expo. Here you will find practitioners, like Arlene Arnold, who have been evolving, along with many others, learning new and sometimes, ancient ways to connect more deeply with the earth, guides, angels, and inner guidance. You will be reminded of what you know deep inside that there is a divine plan unfolding and an opportunity for humanity to evolve. You will find information, techniques, and products that help you stay grounded so you can access your own inner wisdom.

All this can help you shift from uncertainty to inner trust. Even while you grow spiritually and your perspective changes, inner trust is what anchors you; it’s what gives you the firm foundation for this lifetime.

So, please come to the expo to explore what can help you grow in inner trust. Let your inner knowing guide you to speakers, vendors, and practitioners who have something for you.

The Emerald Spiral On-line Expo takes place Saturday and Sunday October 31st and November 1st. Sign up on the mailing list now at so you can connect with us even before the expo starts.

The $5 tickets go on sale October 20th

See you at the Expo!!!

Arlene Arnold


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