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Space Clearing: Giving Yourself and Your Space an Edge

If you are interested in creating the healthiest, most balanced spaces to live and work in, consider space clearing.

A holistic, practical, intuitive technique, space clearing can help you create vibrant, nurturing home and business spaces that promote comfortable, prosperous lives. Whether your home is a tiny apartment or busy estate, or your business space is a bustling retail shop, production facility, cubicle, or home office, space clearing helps revitalize space on a vibrational level, much like vacuuming and dusting keep the physical space clean.

To understand how space clearing works, consider your reactions to the places you live and work or shop in.

When you come home from work, do you feel comfortable and refreshed, or tense, irritable, and restless?

Have you walked into a business that felt stagnant and uninviting? Whether it was physically dirty or sparkling clean, you might have felt tired, disinterested, and uncomfortable, while employees seemed unfocused. However, another business felt fresh and comfortable, and the employees sparkled with camaraderie and customer support.

The difference? The comfortable home and inviting business were clean, healthy spaces that had experienced some form of space clearing. The difference is physical, emotional-and real.

While other cultures use space clearing in their daily lives, this ancient concept is largely unknown in the United States outside of metaphysical circles. It can be dismissed as woo-wooey and irrelevant until its practical side is felt-and explored.

The concept is simple: everything and everyone goes through change, including the spaces we live and work in. To feel and perform better, on a practical, emotional, and even spiritual level, we need the space around us to be well.

Why? Because everything on the planet, human and otherwise, has a distinct vibration, or ‘energy.' When the vibrations are not balanced, people and spaces don't mesh well. When the vibrations are balanced, everything works more smoothly.

Getting vibrations to sync is the essence of space clearing. Just like we instinctively gravitate towards or away from a person, we know when a space feels healthy and when it does not. There is a discernible difference between clean and ‘stuck' space.

Human emotions can cause energetic, or vibrational, shifts in spaces. The daily push and pull of life, from what we feel, think, or do, create changes in our physical and emotional bodies. We carry these changes around with us, leaving bits of them in places we visit. These bits mix with everyone else's and get stuck in those places, becoming part of their vibration. This includes things we bring into the space, especially used clothes, jewelry, and objects. We most commonly experience the result as discomfort, or a feeling that something is "off." An extreme example would be the concept of ‘ghosts.'

Space clearing helps clear out stuck bits. The concept regards the entire space as a unique being whose needs can be evaluated upon observation and discussion with the humans involved. Then vibrational shifting, or energetic clearing, helps the space become healthy and balanced.

Because we can't physically see the ‘dirt' of stuck energies, it's easy to dismiss space clearing. Yet it's as important as physical maintenance, clutter clearing, business team building, operations management, and personal physical and emotional health.

Specific reasons to conduct business space clearings include: establish or alter a relationship with a new or existing space; facilitate buy/sell, remodel, or changes; launch a new business; build a cohesive team; improve productivity and performance; create an attractive, supportive environment for customers and employees; soothe emotionally charged environments like medical and care facilities; support entrepreneurial ventures; clear creative confusion; and remedy disturbed situations (ghosts and trauma).

While personal space clearings can include these elements, they can also: facilitate life changes, from divorce, illness, death, behavior, new family members, children changing schools or going to college, birthdays; support financial issues; resolve deep imprints from trauma or severe emotional upsets; clear electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs); and remove stuck energies from previous owners or tenants and new purchases.

Of course, everyone can and should clear the vibrational space they live in, just as they keep it physically clean and fresh with ongoing and seasonal maintenance. While business owners are responsible for the overall well-being of the business, every employee can attend to their personal desk or work spaces. 

For deep initial or ongoing maintenance clearings and special circumstances, consider hiring a space clearing professional. Professionals will delve deeply into the specific needs of the space and the people in it, from an objective discussion with people to observing the flow of energy to pinpoint areas to work on. Professionals can work onsite or remotely with maps, sketches, and photographs.

To choose a space clearing professional, match your interests and mindset with their background and working philosophy.

Feng Shui practitioners address the physical and energetic aspects of a space, from color to furniture placement, including site design and preparation. Some also offer space clearing.

Energy workers use Reiki and other energetic modalities and shamanic practitioners use indigenous techniques adapted for modern needs. Most use established rituals and tools.

Professional intuitives combine energetic or shamanic techniques or modern clearing modalities with their intuitive ability to explore and evaluate subtle vibrational levels.

Most space clearing practitioners actively manipulate the space's vibration to suit the people who are living and working there. In effect, they force the space to change. A different method, called space cooperating, is a practical, intuitive space clearing technique pioneered in Seattle by Alchemy West.

The space cooperating professional talks directly with the space itself and the people who live or work there. It begins with the human concerns for the space, then opens a direct, intuitive conversation with the space itself, allowing it to express its needs and concerns.

Yes, just like animal communicators talk directly with animals, space cooperating professionals talk directly with the spaces being cleared, whether they are homes, businesses, or land. This intuitive conversation means that both people and the space itself can negotiate changes and find new ways to co-exist, or, if necessary, to separate. This means each space cooperating session is different, presenting its own challenges and opportunities. Once agreement is reached, the space is cleared by actively cooperating with it and its unique vibration.

Most space clearing professionals use rituals and tools to support the clearing process. While the work can be done remotely, onsite sessions allow professionals to physically engage with the space and people, facilitating community building and immediate attention to additional issues and concerns that arise.

Sessions begin with a list of questions or concerns and by setting an intention: what results are desired, and how will they be monitored? Generally, professionals start the actual clearing by intuitively feeling the space, then proceed from the middle of the space to the edges, concentrating on places where energies are stuck, especially corners and tight spaces. Depending on their intuitive ability and training, professionals may use the intuitive skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance to see, hear, feel, or know what is vibrationally occurring in that space.

Tools used are unique to that clearing and can include incense like copal or frankincense, smudge sticks, essential oils, herbs, sea salt, candles, water, crystals, bells, fresh flowers, and music. These tools have their own vibrational properties that facilitate a clearing, and their appearance, scent, and sound make the experience inviting and enjoyable.

Professionals record the clearing process, issues that arose during it, and results over time. Sometimes follow-up adjustments are necessary as the people and space adapt to the changes; minor adjustments are often included in the initial space clearing charge.

Remote clearings work well, especially when travel, time, convenience, and privacy are issues.

Clearings generally begin with the space physically clean, and individuals involved later complete the process for themselves by bathing in sea salt and washing their clothes.

Whatever clearing method is chosen, space clearing can give us an edge in our fast-paced, high-stress world by providing the comfort and support of vibrant and vital spaces to live and work in.

Yes, we are responsible for the intimate work of achieving our personal emotional balance, physical health, creativity, and spiritual growth-the ongoing work of creating and maintaining our own healthy, balanced lives. However, we can support ourselves by nourishing the spaces we live and work in with space clearing, whether we do it ourselves or hire professional help.

Well nourished spaces feel good. The bottom line: the better nourished your space feels, the better your family and clients will feel. It's an edge we can all use.

© 2012 Robyn M Fritz MA MBA

Robyn M Fritz MA MBA is an intuitive life, business and creative consultant; alchemical energy master; writer; and speaker. She offers intuitive consultations, space cooperating sessions, workshops, and products through her company, Alchemy West. Please visit


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