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Supporting Your Animals During Vet Procedures

Oh no! Your beloved animal friend is scheduled for a procedure at the veterinary hospital. Whether it’s a tooth cleaning or major surgery, your fears come alive. You know these emotions aren’t good for you or your dear animal. How can you support your friend while he is at the hospital?

Recognize that your animal friend feels your emotions and is aware of your thoughts. Whether he is beside you or at the veterinary hospital, your emotional connection is always present. Spend the days prior to the procedure in loving activities together. If the worst-case scenario does happen, be comforted knowing your last days together were filled with joy, not fear.

Trust your veterinarian. You authorized the procedure because it is in the best interest of your companion. If you talk to others about your pet’s procedure, emphasize the positive. Our animals are always listening! If worry and fear overwhelm you, don’t berate yourself. Remind yourself there is no need to experience all the emotions of a negative outcome before the procedure has even started! Envision the very best outcome.

The day before the procedure, use your wonderful imagination (the same one that can anticipate

the worst possible outcome) in reverse. Show your pet exactly what will happen (but skip the actual procedure) from taking him to the vet to picking him up. Tell him how thankful you are that he gets to have this work done and how much better he will feel after he recovers.

On the day of the appointment, be calm. Remind your animal friend that his job at the veterinarian’s is to be calm and cooperative. Run the movie about the day again as you drive to the veterinary office. After you drop him off, throughout the day, continue to see him calm and relaxed. Recall the wonderful times you have together. Tell him you love him.

When you pick your companion up from the hospital, you will be delighted to hear how easily the procedure went, what a joy he was to work with and how well he is doing. Whatever the medical results, you supported your beloved companion and yourself through a stressful time. Congratulations. Well done.


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