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Teenage Stress

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Sports, studies, college, peer pressure, ... Life has become ever more demanding for today's teenagers. Where is the balance? How can we help them de-stress?

Dr. Breuner, MD, MPH has seen many cases in her career. Take note if your children exhibit chronic pain, have to miss school often, or show withdrawal from the family. She offered tips that can help teens manage stress in a positive and productive way.

  • Unplug: According to the Everfi report, 16% of teens spend 3-5 hours accessing the internet daily, and 13% spend more than 5 hours. Limit children's non-educational screen time can cut distraction and allow more time to get reconnected to other aspects of life.

  • Avoid unnecessary stimuli: Despite peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and caffeine are not necessary ingredients for growing up. Encourage them to look within. Meditation and relaxation practices can help.

  • Take a breather: Encourage them to take a break. Even a walk can help to give the mind some rest

  • .No hurry to grow up: Remind teens that they don't need to figure out their lives at 20.

  • Find the balance: Be a model to your children. Let them know that more does not necessarily mean better. It is fine to say "no".

Sports, studies, peer pressure, ... Where is the balance for teenagers?

Listen to broadcast 09/10/13

Dr. Cora Collette Breuner, MD, MPH, Seattle Children's Hospital


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