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Ten Principles to Live By: Going Beyond the Ego

Enlightenment brings information and understanding through employing the principles of the universe of honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, brotherly love, perseverance, and service. How well do you abide in these daily?

Raising Personal Energy

Your reaction to experiences in the third dimension determines your mental, emotional, and spiritual life in duality. There are higher tempos as joy, peace, and empowerment based in love and light in the highest vibrations of grace. Negative feelings offers lower emotions and positive feelings produce higher emotions. Over time as humans descended into lower, denser energy, the planet fell from grace. Through releasing old beliefs, ideas, and negative emotions, people are raising the planetary energy from a fear-based culture that dominated all parts of their lives.

This awakening offers the idea that fears should not control our life. Choosing to replace fear with love is a viable solution. Living in fear produces emotional insecurity. When people are afraid for their lives from threatening outside forces and economic conditions, fear creates self-centeredness and powerless victims. Where your energy resides is the level of your consciousness.

Will releasing old energy of negativity from the past, to be replaced by a rising energy of love, create a new prototype? Emotions, vibrations, and energy are different terms for spirit. Inner house cleanings are needed for completely rising above negative energy. When you let go of the old idea of a punishing God and negative experiences, the “presence of love/God” becomes the most important power, the only power, in life. In addition, prescription drugs, toxic thinking, and all negative emotions block this energy flow. The life giving energy of high emotions nurtures the spiritual body like the flow of blood feeds our physical body.

Reducing The Influence of The Ego

We label our separation and resistance the ego. The need to gain information to maintain life in third dimension continues the ego’s purpose. If our needs are met, we automatically grow in God consciousness. God composes the consciousness of an individual, our true identity. We need to experience the God in God’s love. Our lives will change.

The consciousness of earth is returning to a loving planet as it was created. Reducing the influence of the ego and returning to God-consciousness in your life is not an easy task. Taking the challenge to release all the fear-based energy takes faith. Applying universal principles supports trust in the universe. Compassion and love will replace your old feelings as your focus changes.

You ascend out of the negative denser energy. The ego wants this false sense of power for survival. This passive-aggressive game distracts people from the reality of the love inside. Continuing in the old life style is no longer doable. As the lower energy is allowed to leave your awareness, there now is space to allow positive higher vibrations of love, kindness, and patience to replace the old and rise into higher consciousness.

Choose Love Over Fear

Remember the ego informs you that you are separated from God. Choose love over fear in your life. Refuse to buy into the fear mongers, societal false beliefs, or pessimistic family loyalty. God never left your consciousness. Love is the answer. “All we need is love”, becomes real.

How do you go beyond the ego’s fear? It is all about raising vibrational energy. Science says that energy moves. Living in fear produces a lack of self-worth. Ending the energy drain from your past issues elevates you to a height of God-consciousness, love, or healthy vibrations of well-being. For me spirituality means living in the spirit of love.

Leaving the results up to your Creator, who provides relief from your playing God in your life, and in the lives of your loved ones, lightens your burdens. This higher power is an energy force that cares for you. It is called by many labels such as: Love, God, Creator, or Creative Forces. You move into a higher realization of being rational, loving, and sane.

Honesty directly connects you to a positive energy force, which dispels the darkness of the ego. You are not creating more chaos or insanity when there is hope. Faith is powerful; it provides strength in your life. Send loving energy allows it to return to you.

Your lessons in life foster growth in courage as you step out in faith. As you willingly walk through your experience, your perception rises into clarity. You save yourself from your ego.

There can be no selfishness or arrogance in the Fifth dimension. Life is about becoming humble. It is ego’s lie that we will be punished if we reveal our true self as love. There is no threat from love. The truth is that in surrendering to God, you have the love of God to protect you from any harm.

Perseverance is vital. The scariest thing in life is to be totally existing in God’s love, emotionally available. The ego shut you down from love when you feel danger. You can change your emotions by changing your focus and releasing the negative ones through awareness and action. This choice moves you from an ego driven, fear based life. Satan is bound because fearful energy cannot sustain in higher vibrations. The theme is peace, harmony, and love.

It is time to celebrate Heaven on Earth. Love is the greatest force in the Universes and miracles can and do occur when this force manifests. Love your neighbor, as yourself becomes a way of life. Loving your God with all your heart, mind, and soul becomes who you are. You integrate fully with your soul’s essence as one in love and service. Love expands and merges when the divine in one person appreciates and honors the divine in another. The promise of goodwill towards all people happens when you awaken into joy of heaven on earth.. All there is, is love.

For more details about putting the universal principles into your life check out my latest E-book at and my just completed book is ready for a publisher, “Paradigm Busters, Revealing the Real You”.

Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT, is a winning international writer, syndicated columnist, consultant, counselor, and speaker sharing the dynamics of life for healing your life.  She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the International Board for Regression Therapy. 


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