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The Healing Power of Light

The ability to harness different wavelengths of the ultra-violet spectrum for healing is here! In fact, it has been around for the last 70 years! The use of UV light for the treatment of different ailments was commonly used by many clinics and hospitals in the past. With the advent of antibiotics produced by the pharmaceutical companies, these highly effective ultra-violet (UV) treatments, known as photoluminescence, took a backseat to modern medicines' promise to cure with oral medications. The practice of ultraviolet blood irradiation, known as UBI, was developed for extracorporeal, or outside the body, treatment of the blood. In the 1940's, UBI came to be used to treat bacterial, viral, fungal and autoimmune diseases. It actually became the 'standard of care' for treating several infectious diseases including staph.

UBI therapy is making a recent comeback. People are searching for alternative methods to help them combat their illnesses rather than relying on medications fraught with side effects. Its excellent track record and no side effect history make UBI a great alternative treatment consideration.


The use of UVA and UVC lights, when exposed to blood, demonstrates a highly disinfectant ability. UVC light is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and is effective at mopping up or 'neutralizing' toxins in the blood. UVA light displays antimicrobial effects and anticancer effects. UBI also acts as an autohemotherapy treatment; when blood is removed from the body and injected back, it has a very therapeutic effect similar to that of a vaccine for whatever is ailing the patient. UBI also acts powerfully by helping to oxygenate the blood, stabilizing the immune system and turning on various enzyme systems to fight infectious agents.


The technique is relatively simple: The treatment lasts about 45 minutes. First, an IV is started by your trained physician. Approximately 60 cc of blood is removed via the IV, then held in a sterile glass vial awaiting its passage through the UBI machine. The blood then travels through a sterile quartz cuvette while it receives irradiation from the UVA and /or the UVC bulbs. After being disinfected, the blood then passes back into the patient's arm.


Treating the blood with UV light, also known as biophotonic therapy or photoluminescence, is amazingly useful in several medical applications including: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis, Shingles, Herpes, Respiratory Infections, Non-Healing Wounds, Chronic Yeast and Fungal Infections, Asthma, Allergies, Lupus, Autoimmunity, MS, and Staph Infections/MRSA.

Ultraviolet therapy has proven to be an immensely valuable gift to mankind for the prevention and alleviation of many diseases. Its' unbelievable ability to provide a broad spectrum treatment for so many illnesses attests to the power of sunlight and should not be regarded lightly. With the recrudescence of huge armies of infectious diseases, untouched by standard antibiotics, photoluminescence is the  cutting-edge therapy patients can rely on.

For more information;

Dr. Lucinda Messer is a trained UBI physician at Pacific Health Restoration in Kirkland Washington


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