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The Message from Water

By Michiko Hayashi, Ambassador and Global Director of the Emoto Peace Project

Dr. Masaru Emoto is the author of New York Times bestseller “The Hidden Messages in Water”, “Message from Water”, “The True Power of Water”, etc. His revolutionary research on water, with his world first technology of water crystal photography, shows that thoughts, words, and everything we see and hear have a direct effect on water-crystal formation. His most amazing discovery is that water is deeply connected with our individual and collective consciousness. Because both human body and this planet earth are about 70% water, it is essential that we all learn about water and how it’s connected with thoughts and words.

He conducted extensive water research and through more than tens of thousands of water crystal photos that his laboratory has taken, he learned that when water is exposed to positive, beautiful words, thoughts, music, vibrations, it creates beautiful, hexagonal crystalline structures. On the other hand, when water is exposed to negative, ugly or destructive words, thoughts, music, vibrations, it doesn’t make crystalline structures and forms ugly or negative structures.

Crystal of water after showing the word “Thank you” in Japanese to water.

Crystal of water after showing the word “You Fool” in Japanese to water.

Water crystal before offering prayer to Fujiwara Dam.

Water crystal after offering prayer to Fujiwara Dam.

Crystal of water after showing the words "Love and Gratitude."

Water responded most beautifully to the words “Love and Gratitude” being used together. This crystal is a clear illustration of the power and potential of that word combination. Something many have always felt and known energetically to be true, could now also be seen. “Love and Gratitude” created such a magnificent change in the molecule level of the water, imagine what that could mean for our bodies and our planet, which are mostly water. 

Dr. Emoto’s most important teaching is that by learning from water, since we are mostly water, if we all live with love and gratitude, this entire world would be a harmonious and peaceful place. It is now the mission of the Emoto Peace Project to continue Dr. Emoto’s teaching to children all over the world, to help make a peaceful world his legacy.

★★ Emoto Peace Project ★★

In 2005, Dr. Emoto first announced at the United Nations Headquarters in New York that he would distribute 650 million children’s books of “The Message from Water” around the world to teach people, especially children, the valuable lessons of love and gratitude, with hope that people who learn it will naturally make the world a peaceful place. This was the beginning of the Emoto Peace Project and registration of the non-profit organization. The Emoto Peace Project became Dr. Emoto’s life’s mission.

The children’s book contains many water crystals after being exposed to different words, different music, pictures, and intentions so that it is easy and fun for children to learn about the power of words and thoughts. The crystals simply and beautifully illustrate this power. It was Dr. Emoto’s dream that if children took the messages from water to heart, they could change the course of our planet to a peaceful and harmonious place in a matter of 10-20 years. 

Since 2011 when Fukushima had the nuclear accident, Dr. Emoto started to help children in Fukushima by giving safe water called Angel Water to protect them from nuclear pollution. This has also been an important part of Emoto Peace Project’s activities. 

Dr. Emoto traveled all around the world and gave more than 1,000 lectures in over 70 countries, and he created a mass awakening in humanity. He was one of the world’s most spiritual people before he passed away in October of 2014. After his transition, Michiko Hayashi is carrying on the wonderful work as the Ambassador and Global Director of Emoto Peace Project.  She was Dr. Emoto’s administrative assistant for 10 years, and now travels around the world giving presentations to cary on this work. Dr. Emoto’s discovery “The Message from Water” and Emoto Peace Project continue to distribute the children’s books and Angel Water. The book is translated into 31 languages, and continues to spread the messages from water, so that the world will become more at peace.


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