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The Quickest Way to the Inside of the Body is thru the Eyes.

Iridology is the study of the iris patterns relative to one’s health from birth. Scelerogy is the study of the patterns in the whites of the eyes, revealing one's current conditions.

My journey began when a relative was given a 90-day death sentence and the desire to help her stay alive, was my driving force and passion that The more educational Classes I took, the more I thirsted for truth which has lead me to over 50 Different studies, my favorite being Eyology (Iridology/Sclerology).

The quickest way to the inside of the body is thru the eyes.

While studying Iridology I found answers to my own heath questions about my body. My cousins brain cancer went into remission and she lived for 3 years more than the doctor’s expectations. Her healing also came from her mind because she had hope. Her passing was not from cancer, it was a grand mall seizure, depression, and her return to a poor diet. In other words, she gave up. I vowed to learn and teach as many facets of wholistic healing as possible.

After she passed, I developed severe asthma which I now know was from grief. I created a local TV show that concentrated on alternative healing modalities and continued my personal education related to health and healing. After 12 years I returned to my hometown to help my mother transition and left Television… At long last I can say I am retired but my desire now is spiritual since every organ in the physical is connected to God & beliefs or attitudes. This is the last chapter (it should be first) and it is about quantum healing and dealing with our negative patterns ( the first six years of our life) and discovering within ourselves the spiritual light bulb switch, of forgiveness & unconditional love that heals all.

So, if you are ready for healing transformation strap yourself into your seat and get ready for a wonderful ride. Put away all those past belief systems and outdated parenting contracts and learn to forgive yourself and live right minded.

Nancy Seals certified Iridologist since 1977, Sclerologist since 2006

Student of Dr. Bernard Jensen ND, (the grandfather of Iridology) in USA Dr. Jack Ritchason, ND whom she interned with for 3 years and Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer, ND most recently with latest studies in sclera interpretations.

She is a member of IIPA International Iridology Practitioners Association.


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