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The Soul of Money

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

For those of you who still haven't filed your tax returns, you are not alone. According to the IRS,  20-25% of taxpayers wait till the last 2 weeks of the filing season to file their returns, and about 7% would end up filing for an extension. (source: Don't Mess With Taxes) Why so many of us procrastinate on filing taxes, or dealing with financial matters in general?

Handling finances is often stressful. For most ordinary folks like us, money is a limited resource. Just like holding onto a jar of water in a desert, how to allocate or use it becomes a major source of contention. Money matters can amplify existing problems in relationships. Studies showed that

As the frequency of financial disagreements between a couple increases, so does the risk of divorce.Money is the number one cause of arguments, at 31%, among U.S. couples.43% of US couples say the recession has caused them to argue more often, primarily about finances and household chores. This may have been the result of power shifts associated with the changing role of the primary breadwinner during the recession.At least 10% of the surveyed couple say that they have ended a relationship due partly to financial issues.At 76%, money is the most often-cited cause of stress.

While money is generally seen as the cause of misery in troubled relationships, is money the real evil or is it just a mask over deeper issues? As our guests suggest, when pressure starts to build up in a relationship, take a deep breath and face the issue with a clear head.

Wise men/women before us have already taught us that money cannot buy happiness. In fact, couple days ago, in an interview with Bloomberg TV, Russell Simmons said that "Money cannot buy happiness. Happiness can buy money". So why not align our finances with our goals. Let our soul carry our financial decisions.

An energetic discussion of money

Listen to broadcast 03/11/14

Lynn Brown, Financial Advisor

Emily Zillig, Money Relationship Mentor


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