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The Three "Bs" - Belly Fat, Brain, and Burnout

Dr. Ynge’s, acupuncture physician, shared that belly fat, brain, and burnout the causes of them. So, what do these three complaints have in common. The are symptoms of allergies. Yes, that is right allergies.

She opened her own clinic and had amazing results, but one or another didn’t respond as she expected. The patient would feel much better after the treatment, but the ailment would come back, mostly aches and pains and digestive problems. This was not acceptable to Ynge, so she started a quest to find what the root was and found that allergies played a big role in these patients, Dr. Ynge learned how to remedy this.

She invented “The Allergy Kit”, with one DIY kit a family can treat their whole family, thus taking the power of their health back in their own hands and this is the mission and passion of Dr. Ynge!

Host: Darielle Archer

Guest: Dr. Ynge


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