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Traditional Chinese Medicine Winter Tonification for Health

Now that we are entering the fall and winter, it's time to tonify the body to deal with the specific needs of this very cold season. In Chinese Medicine, deficiency or excess of Qi (energy), blood, yin or yang are causative factors of disease. While a deficiency is not directly causative to infectious diseases, deficiency does not allow the body to fight off an infectious pathogen, so flu, colds, and chronic diseases can happen if you aren't at your peak of health.

Seasonal Changes:

In Chinese Medicine even a perfectly healthy person needs to have a "tune-up" with the change of the seasons. It's like when you up-grade your computer software. This is to get the body ready for the upcoming season in order to overcome and avoid the types of illnesses that are common in that season and fire you up so you feel warmer.

In the winter, deficiencies of Qi are quite common so you feel cold, and also Yin deficiencies occur due to the typical dryness by the loss of body fluids, which causes coughing and dry skin. Each of the seasons has its own nature and its own tune-up therapy that a Chinese Practitioner uses to support the health and avoid common illnesses associated with that time of year. Naturally, such therapy must also take into consideration the environment, as well as the specific patient's constitutional health.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach:

Preventative healthcare is one of the hallmarks of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as it has always been one of our truisms that it is much easier to keep a healthy person healthy than to overcome a disease that has established itself in the body. Basic tonification is one area that Western Medicine does not understand, nor employ in their treatment. Basically, Western Medicine addresses the symptoms of diseases, while Chinese Medicine is more concerned with the underlying problems that allow the body to become dysfunctional, and also, by treating any existing diseases and chronic problems.

By tonifying the internal organ system, the body retains the ability to fight off diseases and remain healthy. This may be accomplished by Acupuncture alone, or through a combination of Acupuncture, Tui-Na Therapeutic Massage and Herbal Therapies, in addition to helping the patient to understand the impact of their diet and lifestyle on their health. The TCM Practitioner will determine the needs of the patient and utilize the proper methods to bring their entire body to superior long-term health.

Melanie Krueger, OMD, L. Ac., LMP/NCTMB provides Acupuncture, Herbs, and Massage/Acupressure, facelifts and an herbal mask system. The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association program (NADA) is also provided and Melanie assists in cancer therapy support. Melanie invites you to experience TCM to enhance your health and spiritual well being.

Melanie Krueger, OMD, L. Ac., LMP/NCTMB, Absolutely Organic M & M TCM, 17090 Avondale Way NE, Redmond, may be contacted at 480-839-0243 (cell) and


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