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Update: The Emoto Peace Project

It has been 5 years since the late Dr. Emoto’s transition of October, 2014 when I officially succeed the Emoto Peace Project.  I am deeply grateful for the kind and loving support of everyone wherever I have visited, and without their beautiful support, I could not have done it the way I have been able to.  Firstly, I would like to thank everyone so much for your understanding and trying to make the world a harmonious and peaceful place with me.

What I am doing recently is to make water crystal images “science”, so more and more people will believe in the Messages from Water. As Dr. Pollack discovered the Fourth Phase of Water, water science has been truly advanced. Many water researchers and scientists get together during the Annual Water Conference and report their study.

Emoto Peace Project has done some conscious blind experiments last year, and we know more and more that water has memory and it is deeply connected with our consciousness.  As water shows, Love and Gratitude is most powerful and beautiful energy. SpARC (Spirituality and Application Research Center), well known scientist in India, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar who mad the first super computer and Emoto Peace Project agreed to begin doing researches on water memory and how our consciousness affects water. 

When this research is done, our children’s book “The Messages from Water” will be even better accepted (even in schools).  My hope is for young people, especially school children and their parents, to learn about every single thought, word, and action we are taking is the vibration that water is absorbing, and thus we are creating our reality every day.

If you’d like a copy of the children’s book, please contact Michiko Hayashi at

Visit the Emoto Peace Project's Message Page for more information.


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