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Vortexes and Sacred Creation Stories from Sedona

Learn about the significance and definition of vortexes, not just in Sedona but worldwide. Raylene also shares a lesser known ancient creation story about the divine feminine “Dragon” lines, that connects Sedona and surrounding Mountains with Montezuma’s well. You will also hear how many other stories are still being told, in the rock formations in and around Sedona, AZ

Host: Martha Childress

Guest: Raylene Abbott - Author, teacher and elemental muse

About Raylene Abbott

A listener of the wind. A singer of green psalms written on the forest floor. A

student of heart softening. A finder of Wayside Shrines, A collector of Medieval

Recipes. And some how with the Grace of God I became an Author of Books. A

joke unto myself and an Awakener of the dream. A wee woman who loves the

stories of saints, nature spirits, and treasures from her flower press. A whisperer

of prayers said on crystal beads dangle from aging hands.

Raylene's recent books are "A Mystics Journey to the Sacred Sites of France"

and The Hidden Magdalene in the Tarot de Marseille and very soon a Book on

Novenas. Her book "L’Emergence de la Femme Divine"was published in France

in 2006 This same book later was published in Italy, Turkey, Japan and the USA

as "Between the Visions. Other publications are "A Garden of Woman's Wisdom"

published by Halo Press 1995 and "The Garden Speaks" Video 1992 by Earth

Alive Video. E-books "Stories of the Fairy Godmother" and "The Sacred

Festivals of the Goddess" 2010.

Water Offerings By Raylene Abbott

I would like to explain why it is important to do water offerings daily and why a commitment.

Making water offerings only take about 5 minutes a day. When you make an offering every day the elementals on the invisible plane, come and part take in the offering. The Elemental Plane are programed to reflect; Humanity’s collective thoughts - Air Element, Humanity’s collective

emotions-Water Element, Humanity collective creativity and acts of anger/war -Fire Element and

Humanity’s Collective choice of Manifestation- Earth element. And as you see as for the Collective Unconscious of Humanity we are in quite a mess. Water Offerings purify the person that offers and as that process is done daily it effects the area you live in. It is so important to do this with a pure heart and not to try to make anything happen, but offer by acknowledging, thanking, and apologizing. I have found because I do the practice, ( not because I am some big personality) and ( not because I trying to make anything happen) that the elements begin to balance where I live. It takes time, patience, commitment to do the practice and work on yourself emotionally, which many of your are already doing. Another reason for not asking for anything, "Who am I too think I know what the Earth needs right now?"

Watering Offerings are a daily expression of love being poured forthinto our environment. If you have a daily prayer practice, for me it is the rosary, I place a bowl of water in front of me to absorb the prayers. It is after my practice I make water offerings. But if you do not have a daily meditation just do the offering. The Reason I use Ave Maria in my water practice is because Mary is an Awakened Being, fully realized, in this way she has the power to bring the Healing to the Elements. Her very name brings Healing. “Ave Marie”.

Daily Water Offerings

I have a deep concern for the quality of Water in our Environment. For this reason, I have chosen

to do Water Offerings daily. It is aneffortless act that only takes a few minutes out of my day. It is ablessing of Mary's Holy name over the Four Elements. I usually do this when I first wake up in the morning, but water offerings can be done at any time of the day. I have a unique bowl that I use for this purpose. I also have an honored place in my garden. I have even used a window ledge when I lived in Paris. Every day I place clean, freshwater or Holy Water in the bowl, sometimes adding flowers.Then I say the following prayer:

Ave Maria de la Mer

Ave Maria de la Terre

Ave Maria du Feu

Ave Maria de l'air


Ave Maria of the Sea

Ave Maria of the Earth

Ave Maria of the Fire

Ave Maria of the Air

On behave of humanity I apologize for the pollution of all the Sacred Elements please accept this


The story of how this offering was inspired. Water Offerings in the South of France.

It is August 15th, the day of the Virgin Mary’s Assumption. This is a very big holiday in France

and throughout Europe. I woke up in the morning and went out to the dock to sit and enjoy the

morning sun.There were wild fires burning in the mountains in the distance. The locals informed me that over the last few years the south of France had some bad fires that destroyed the natural environment. I reflected on the Spirits of the Elements and many things they had taught me over the years by my close observation of nature.

The Earth absorbs the negative thoughts, feelings and actions of humans. When the Earth becomes overburdened by that negativity, it goes through a purification process much like our body does if we have not been honoring ourselves with proper food, rest and right

thinking. When the element of fire sweeps through a forest, it becomes the ultimate purification

for the Earth. Everything is destroyed in its path, but as the seasons turn, we will see new life

sprouting from the ashes. This was the process that I witnessed as I sat on the dock, looking over the calm sea.

My friend Albine came and quietly sat beside me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a handful of roses that I had bought at the local market the day before. A beautiful chant came to my lips in French. I placed roses in Albine’s hand and we began to chant together….

Ave Maria de la mer Ave Maria de la terre Ave Maria du feu Ave Maria de l’air Ave Maria of the SeaAve Maria of the Earth Ave Maria of the Fire Ave Maria of the Air

Every Ave Maria we chanted, we placed a rose in the sea. The sea was like glass and the roses

floated gently on its surface with each prayer. The beauty before me was breathtaking and it

brought tears to my eyes. The chant honored the Divine Mother’s Presence in the sea, the earth, the fire and the air. It was a gift of song, inspired by angels on the sacred day of Assumption.

That afternoon we went to the Church and a large community gathered to celebrate the Virgin’s

Assumption into heaven. A beautiful golden statue of Stella Maris, the Virgin of the Sea, was

carried from the main altar in the church through the crowd of people. The priest and his

assistants brought the Virgin to a boat. One of the most beautiful girls of the community also

stepped into the little seaworthy craft for the voyage. What we were about to witness was an

ancient tradition of blessing every boat in the harbor with the sprinkling of holy


The Water Madonnas

I was raised Catholic as a child but as I grew to the age of reason I questioned the church. I had the need to search for a direct experience with God. This longing lead me down pathways of other cultures and spiritual practices for many years. I worked with Native American teachers for 12 years which open my eyes to see the separation that Christian dogma that created a split between Spirit and Nature in the consciousness of Western Society. This is the root of our Environmental crisis we are facing today. I realized that I needed to go deeper into the my own European roots to begin to heal this gap between Spirit, Mother Nature and myself. This healing began by studying the Sacred Flora of the Madonna in Europe and visiting her Pilgrimage Sites.

The Sacred Sites of Europe dedicated to the Virgin Mary were built over older sites dedicated to the pagan Mother Goddess. Mary absorbed many aspects of the different Goddesses of the Land. When the Protestant Reformation came into play, the devotion to Mary was ultimately thrown out. The Reformation cut the people off from their roots with the Earth, which was then replaced with a masculine based religion which worshiped only the Father God and his heavenly realm. Mary, for 2000 years, held the memories and traditions of the Mother aspect of God. People prayed to Mary to bless their fields, made pilgrimage to her Healing Springs and laid their harvest at her feet to be blessed. Yes, Mother Mary is the historical Mother of Jesus, but with her own enlightenment, she became the Mother of the World which includes the mountains, the flowers in the fields, the food we eat, the families we raise and our physical bodies. Blessed Mary is so much bigger than just the Mother of Jesus; she became the "Mother of All.” I have practiced daily Water Offerings for over twenty years this practice guided me to making pilgrimages to what I call “The Water Madonnas.” Many of the Blessed Mother’s Pilgrimage sites are associated with the Element of Water such as Our Lady of Lourdes, Stella Maris and Our Lady Regla, Our Lady of the River, Our Lady of the Lake and Our Lady of the Snows, I consider as Water Madonnas. Water Offerings when done daily will reveal the mysteries to you and the Water Element will mirror back the truth of reality. The last two summers my husband, Matt and I traveled the Oregon mountains and coastal line two up on a motorcycle. We would pass through small towns and find an outdoor shrine which we visited. Even though the statues of many of these outdoor shrines are simple, I was amazed at the downpour of Blessing I experienced each time we stopped and took the time to pray for the environment. Water Pilgrimages are about Healing our Emotions and the Element of Water that is so out of balance at this time on Earth. All Pilgrimage becomes a mirror of yourself and with this said I would like to introduce to you to a few of the Water Madonnas in the Western Tradition.

Stella Maris the Star of the Sea

Stella Maris came from the Hebrew word Maryam and was translated into Stella Maris, "a drop of the sea”. In the 4th century, St. Jerome translated the name from Stella Maris into “The Star of the Sea.” Stella Maris is the patron saint of sailors who looked to her to guide and protect their ships. The ship captains used the Morning Star, Venus, to chart their course at sea. Symbolically speaking, Mary is the Morning Star to guide our souls through our lives. Stella Maris has been known to calm the waters at sea and bring good luck for fishing. There is a beach town, in the South of France, named Agde He'rault. A story is told of the townspeople seeing the Blessed Mother appearing on a rock during a massive storm. Waves were ready to wash over the village when the townspeople saw the Virgin on the rock calming the waters. When the storm was over, the townspeople went to the rock. There on the rock was an impression of the profile of Mary wearing her mantle. It was Stella Maris calming the sea. There was once a Medieval alchemist known as Arnold of Villeneuve. He was the father of St. Roseline of Villeneuve. St. Roseline is known as one of the incorruptible saints. Her body can still be viewed in a chapel in Provence. Arnold was a mystic and also a physician, who was known to understand the Alchemical Art of Stella Maris. In alchemy, Stella Maris meant that one could sweeten the sea's saltwater. If we look at this alchemical process as symbolic, what is being said? Salt represents the many dramas we go through in life, which can often leave us feeling wounded. Someone who can transform the baggage of their old emotional stories, by introspection, release, and rising in spacious love, brings freedom. It is at that moment, that the seas parts, the water turns to wine, and even the sea's salt is sweetened because we have a greater view. It is truly the process of all spiritual practices, not physically, but spiritually and emotionally speaking. In those moments of grace, miracles can even happen on the physical plane. Stella Maris’s symbol is an anchor. Spiritual practices dedicated to Stella Maris heals our emotions but also anchors the truth into our emotional body. She can also be prayed to for the healing of our oceans. Now more than ever, we need to look at what we are doing to our oceans collectively. Like the forest trees that create oxygen for this planet, so does the plankton of the seas. All of life was born from the oceans, and now our oceans are dying. There are many environmental problems, which can be quite overwhelming to us in how to proceed. "What can I do?” we may ask, "I am only a drop in the ocean.” Prayers and pilgrimage to Stella Maris can guide you in your quest in life. It can be used as a blessing for all life forms in our polluted oceans. Prayers for your own alignment can give you your life's purpose. Her feast day is September 27th.

Hymn to Stella Maris Queen of the Waves, look forth across the ocean From north to south, from east to stormy west, See how the waters with tumultuous motion Rise up and foam without a pause or rest. But fear we not, tho’ storm clouds round us gather, Thou art our Mother and thy little Child Is the All Merciful, our loving Brother God of the sea and of the tempest wild. Help, then sweet Queen, in our exceeding danger, By thy seven griefs, in pity Lady save; Think of the Babe that slept within the manger And help us now, dear Lady of the Wave. Up to thy shrine we look and see the glimmer Thy votive lamp sheds down on us afar; Light of our eyes, oh let it ne’er grow dimmer, Till in the sky we hail the morning star. Then joyful hearts shall kneel around thine altar And grateful psalms re-echo down the nave; Never our faith in thy sweet power can falter, Mother of God, our Lady of the Wave. Queen of the Waves Sung by French fishermen seeking protection from storms (Public domain)

Lady Regla

One of my favorite Madonnas I have visited is Our Lady Regla in Miami. September 7th is her feast day. Her shrine is in Little Havana, one of the poorest parts of the city. Underneath the skirts of Our Lady Regla is the ancient African Water Goddess Yemaya. I have visited many Black Virgins in Europe, but it was in the USA that I found the Black Madonna that blew my heart open. Regla speaks to something profound inside of me. Her primordial connection is with the Earth, the Waters, and our emotions while simultaneously she connects one with the Higher Planes. The Royal Star Regulus, which is the origin of Regla's name, has been long associated with kings. It is also the infamous North Star that ships at sea use to navigate their voyage because it moves so slowly in the skies. It takes 72 years for the Star Regulus to move just one degree in the sky, which means that it takes 2160 years to go through one astrological sign. Regulus had been in the sign of Leo since Julius Caesar, but since 2012, it has moved into zero degrees Virgo, "the sign of the Virgin.” What does this mean as an arch-type? The sign position of zero is like having the Virgin Mary arch-type as "Empty Space”. That Empty Space can also translate into the Empty Heart, which is the very Essence of Love. Our Lady Regla's skirts are the mighty Ocean Waves, the primordial waters in the womb of every mother. Her darkness brings each one of us to the very last atom of our DNA, which can be traced back to one African Woman. Lady Regla is the darkness of matter, but she does not lose her way because she is also the Guiding Star of our Higher Self. It is called "No Self " in some circles. Lady Regla is both a drop in the Ocean and all of the Oceans. She is the mighty river and our very own bloodstream. She is our Guiding Star. She is a paradox that now stands in the very Essence of Silent Knowing, no words, no form but also within all forms. She is the Virgin of new possibilities when we are ready to purify all the layers of our emotions, notions, and old programs that no longer serve us or this planet. She is the Heart Essence of Pure Unconditional Love. She is un-yielding waves of Unconditional Love. She stands as a lighthouse as storms rage in this world, calling us home to the Silence found in our own Heart Center. Regla's regalia is shells, anchors and stars. Her clothing is in the hues of blue. Her offerings are crabs and bowls of Holy Water. Her feast day is also hurricane season in Miami. During this time, she is brought out of the Church and carried through the streets as a Protective Procession. She can be prayed to for emotional healing, healing of our Oceans, or any form of water. She also has been used for healing relationships. Her Presence calms storms and guides ships to safe harbor. It also includes emotional storms in one's life. She brings protection in travel, especially in crossing the oceans or any body of water. Fisherman and sailors prayed to her for safe passage and a good catch.

Water has no sense of its self. It changes form from a pure mountain spring to a babbling brook, to a mighty river that rushes to the Great Ocean. It can be ice or snow or a raging storm. And then at the right moment the sun shines and it surrenders, evaporates and transforms to cloud offerings that fly through the air with the greatest of ease and brings the Blessings of rain to this Earth for everyone’s benefit.”

–Raylene Abbott

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes is the famous apparition that happen in a small village at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains in the South of France. This small town was once occupied by the Romans in the first century B.C. There are remains of a Roman Temple dedicated to the water gods that originally the Catholic Church was built over its foundation. It was much later the famous visionary Saint Bernadette had a vision of the Virgin Mary February 11th 1858 at the cave of Massabielle. Over the next few months Bernadette had a series of apparitions of the Blessed Mother. She was told by the Virgin Mary to dig into the ground where a hidden spring was revealed. Then she was asked to drink of the waters from the spring. This spring became the World renowned pilgrimage site where people from all over the world have come to pray to Our Lady of Lourdes to be healed.

Saint Bernadette is not the only person that had experienced visions of Our Lady; only a few kilometers from Lourdes shepherds were grazing their sheep in the mountains when they saw a blazing light which led them to a statue of the Virgin Mary. Later a chapel was built on the very site where they found the statue.

In the 16th century the12 year old e Angleezed de Sagazzan also had visitations from the Virgin Mary in the town of Garaizon very close to Lourdes. But rather than healing water the power of abundant food supply manifested with the visions of Our Lady. Our Lady of Lourdes is connected to Water Healing and can be called upon to heal not only our bodies but also our emotions. I have developed a practice of praying daily with a small amounts of Lourdes Water and offering this water to places in Nature during my travels.

Raylene Abbott has a new book coming out December 2021 “ Novenas for Now” Novenas are Christian prayer petitions that have been used since the Middle Ages to help with the problems one may come across in life and support the soul’s evolution. This book is laced with stories that honor the ancestors and many old European traditions and feast days and living in harmony with Mother Nature

Montezuma's Well
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