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Water, Hydroponic Gardening and a Windmill! Sustainable Help for the Hopi and Navaho

Hear about the latest donation from Island Earth Water Distribution, to help improve conditions on the Hopi and Navajo reservations.

Founder Jade Freund explains why it is his families mission to help their indigenous brothers and sisters, and why they were particularly drawn to our missions with the Hopi and Navaho. With their donation of a windmill, and their expertise with hydroponic gardening, a self-sustaining plan is underway to provide clean power, clean water and healthy food indefinitely! It is currently an average 2-3 hour drive to access clean water and fresh food from the reservations.

This system could be the beginning of a new model, that could easily be scaled up. Your support and donations can go even further now, to bring relief to the Hopi and Navaho in need of these basic human rights.

To Donate and learn more about our mission

Host: Martha Childress

Guest: Jade Freund, founder of Island Earth Water and Distribution


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