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What is Earthing (grounding)?

Short explanation of Earthing and introduction to Clint Ober

Science has long known that the surface of the Earth contains a natural electric charge, felt by many people as a pleasant tingling in their feet or legs when walking on wet grass in the morning or along the wet sand at the beach.

Recent science has demonstrated that direct contact with the Earth’s natural electricity maintains heath and powerfully promotes healing. It drains inflammation, pain, and stress from our body, stabilizes the countless electrical circuits that run our physiology, and rejuvenates and recharges the body, enhancing immune function and blood flow. Powered by the Earth, the body shifts into a healing state of great medical significance.

This understanding, which has emerged from innovative research during the last 20 years, has created a worldwide health movement called Earthing, or grounding. And it is changing many lives dramatically.

Throughout most of history, humans lived routinely grounded, connected to the Earth’s healing energy. We walked barefoot or with leather footwear made from animal hides. We slept on the Earth or on animal hides. But no longer. Over time, lifestyle changes have disconnected and insulated us from the Earth.

We rarely walk barefoot outside. For decades now we have replaced traditional leather with insulating synthetic soled shoes – of plastic and rubber. We no longer sleep on the Earth. Many of us live and work high above the ground.

Most of us are never grounded except on those rare occasions when we go barefoot outside or take a trip to the beach.

In today’s society, most people have lost contact with the Earth’s healing power. This disconnection with the Earth could very well be an unrecognized reason for the alarmingly high –and rising – incidence of chronic inflammation, pain, stress-related disorders, and disease.

Earthing easily reconnects us to the Earth. You ground yourself by being barefoot outside, or, even conveniently using conductive grounding mats, bands, and patches while you sleep and sit indoors.

Earthing is a simple lifestyle addition involving no effort. No discipline. No work. It can be life-changing, and the change felt within minutes.

We are delighted to interview the man who has started the worldwide Earthing movement. He is Clint Ober, who discovered back in 1998 that he could eliminate his chronic back pain and dependence on pain killers by reconnecting himself to the Earth.


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