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Why Holistic Life Coaching

The word "holistic" is main stream. What does it actually mean? The word holistic has its origins in the Greek language. It means that the elements of a system are connected and their structures are related to each other. Science, or to be more precise quantum physics, has currently found that we are entangled and connected with each part of the universe: to what was, to what is and to what will be. Applying this to the human being, we call it the "system", which is the body (physical), the mind (thoughts), and the soul (emotions). These three fields also entangle and affect each other. If one of these layers is disrupted, the others suffer as well.

Any human being perceives all information by seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling. From all the information received, we derive unconscious rules which are called the meta programs. We need these meta programs to structure and rate further information we receive. A small part of these unconscious rules reach the conscious mind and these conscious rules are the basis for the inner value system.

From the inner value system we derive positive and negative inner beliefs. According to these inner beliefs our abilities develop more or less strongly. Inner beliefs make us believe that we are good at some things but not at others. Some abilities might even get lost or forgotten. Our abilities are the basis for our behavior which we apply in our environment, for example job, family, family of origin, hobbies, and friends, using the rules we learned.

Holistic life coaching takes into consideration all aspects of a problem. At the beginning, it can work superficially on a pattern of behavior or on an emotion. It then goes deeper and deeper into the inner beliefs, the value system, and the meta programs. By analyzing and naming them, these unconscious rules are taken from the unconscious to the conscious mind and thus made aware. Now as the root cause has been found the work on it can start.

Talking about it and analyzing it, we give our brain, the mental layer, the "food" it needs to logically understand the problem. And what about our body and the emotions? So many problems have their impact on physical symptoms and emotions.

Everyone's experience, upbringing, culture is stored as information in the aura. The aura layers closest to the body are the physical, the emotional, and the mental layer. By treating the aura and the Chakras energetically - Chakras are the energy centers of the body that provide us with life energy - the information in our system is changed according to what has been analyzed before as the root cause. An energetic treatment removes blockages, recharges the chakras, cleanses the aura, and balances the energy flow. Thus, the physical and the emotional layers are being taken care of during the energetic treatment. This is the start for a new process: the problem can be solved on all layers holistically. And an individual solution can be recognized. Positive change can happen!

It is not possible to change other people. It is only possible to make the change within ourselves. Everyone has all the necessary resources deep within. They are often covered and hidden by beliefs and behaviors that keep us down. Holistic life coaching can uncover our true resources and give us more energy, more vitality, and a life we choose!

Barbara Schmitz-Orendi of OpenButton provides Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Work Redmond, WA, (425) 896 8162,


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