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Farmer's Market Afloat: The Savings are Real, the Fist Wild and the Tales Tall!

In a sustainable world, all fish are fresh, affordable and delicious. You don’t have to be a king to eat like one. Shopping for supper is educational, interesting and fun. Citizens treat each other with respect and trust. Isn’t it time we took steps to further such a reality, literally on our doorstep? With the safety of our food supply in question, knowing our meal’s source is more important than ever. 

Put a face on your fish by patronizing Fishermen’s Terminal, home of the Pacific Northwest’s fishing fleet. Choose from a bounty of lovingly handled Alaskan salmon, halibut, prawns and scallops. You’ll save dollars per pound by buying directly off the boat, eliminating the middlemen, and supporting an independent lifestyle that has fed us reliably for generations. Experience the thrill of buying fish directly from its source at your local farmer’s market on water, the West Wall of Fishermen’s Terminal. The market is open to the public. Shopping the docks means exploring the docks and the Lost-at-Sea Commemorative. It mandates checking out the fishing boats used in the ‘Deadliest Catch’ series. It includes spending quality time gathering interesting tidbits about today’s catch and collecting seafood recipes, or cooking secrets, from salty fishermen.

Your food choices reflect a commitment to your health and the health of your community. The quality of the catch is unsurpassed and assured through a mutually beneficial relationship that reciprocally feeds both parties involved. Return customers require accountability and exceptionally high quality. Located just south of the Ballard Bridge, and west of 15th Avenue, the Terminal harbors an intimate sense of community. These hardworking people offer up their ‘best’ daily, but it’s up to you to get down the docks and support your local fishermen before Fishermen’s Terminal becomes Yachtsmen’s Marina. Act on your privilege to make a difference. Bon Appetite!

By Astrida Tralmaks


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