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Surviving Maskne

by Ah Warner, Founder Formulator of Cannabis Basics and Hemp Basics, est. 1995

These are unprecedented times, and the stress that we endure, just surviving our current reality, create toxins in the body that are released through our pores. Compounded with covering our faces, encapsulating this negative activity, can cause a new phenomenon called Maskne, which is an umbrella term for several recognized skin issues which affect your face.

I believe that everyone who consistently wears a mask is a Hero. Unfortunately, masks are uncomfortable and may cause irritation, redness, inflammation, acne-like bumps and scaling of skin around the nose and mouth. Many masks are also made from synthetic materials and dyes, and when combined with sweat and hot breath, can clog pores and create havoc on our sensitive facial skin.

Your best defense against Maskne:

1. Look for masks with all natural fibers and no synthetic dyes that are soft and nonabrasive to your face.

2. Do not use disposable masks, usually blue, green or purple in color, as these dyes fade over time, react with moisture, and may bleed onto and into your skin over time.

3. Wash your mask daily, not only to eliminate germs from the outside world, but to remove the unhealthy breeding ground forming inside your mask.

4. A good skincare regime is essential. This includes a high-quality cleanser to bathe and detoxify, a toner to balance and tighten, and lastly, a moisturizer to nourish, hydrate and protect your face.

At Cannabis Basics, we have developed a skincare solution for this problem plaguing mask wearers everywhere called the Masked Hero Face Rescue System. We wanted to create something that would be helpful and comforting to our frontline workers and dedicated mask wearers in these challenging and stressful times.

This three-step system blends powerful botanicals like tea tree, neroli and witch hazel with organic hempseed oil -- rich in omegas 6 and 3, amino acids, vitamins C, B, and B6; hemp hydrosols rich in terpenes that soothe, hydrate, balance, tone, and regenerate skin cells; and cannabis extractions and infusions, packed with cannabinoids that aid in the overall support of healthy skin.

You can find the Masked Hero Face Rescue System in both of the Hemp Basics and Cannabis Basics versions at

Hemp Basics is a Hemp Body Care line featuring organic hempseed oil and cannabidiol (CBD). This entire line is available to ship everywhere in the United States and is NOW available on

Cannabis Basics, Cannabis Health And Beauty Aids (CHABA), features benefits of whole plant cannabis extractions and infusions in addition to Hemp Basics formulas. These low-level THC products are available only in Washington state at grocery stores and It is RCW.69.50.575 compliant.


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