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Community & Urban Gardening

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Seattle is a really romantic city, especially in the spring time. Imagine the camera in action -- the light drizzle, cool breeze, soft light, and young greens popping up all around us. It is nature's call for us to join in the wonderful process of awakening and renewal.

This is a perfect setting for this week's show. Many of us will agree that it is not easy to live sustainable by going alone. Community gardening is a great way to bring community resources together to live sustainably. This week, our guests will share with you the history of Seattle's P-Patch community gardening program, the benefits of urban gardening, both from an individual perspective and to the community, and the plans for growing the program beyond Seattle.

Let it bloom!

Learn about the history of Seattle's P-Patch, and the benefits of community gardening.

Listen to broadcast 04/16/13

Melinda Epler, Board Member and Branding Director, P. Patch Trust

Ray Schutte, Expert and advocate of community and urban gardening; past president, P-Patch Trust


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