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Enhancing Relationship Energy with Feng Shui

All you need is love, or so says the 1967 song by the Beatles. Add some beneficial chi energy to the mix and you have a potent recipe for romance. Whether single or already partnered, you need to add only a few Feng Shui adjustments in your bedroom to help stimulate relationship energy and harmony, just in time for Valentines Day.

Feng Shui & Relationship

📷Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement based on the premise that people live healthy and happy lives when they live in harmoniously designed homes. One of the most important rooms in your home is the bedroom. Not only is it a place for rest and relaxation, the bedroom also represents romance and relationship energy. It can reveal a lot about your love life, for better or worse. 

Are you missing a second nightstand? Would a potential partner be able to find his way to the bed, or is your dog bed blocking access?

If you have dried roses from a past love hanging around, toss them as soon as you read this! You’ve got a dose of dead energy in your bedroom and may be living in the past.

Four Tips to Enhance Love Energy In The Bedroom

Bed placement. The ideal Feng Shui location for the bed follows four rules for placement:The bed is out of the direct path when entering the room.It has a solid wall of support behind the headboard.You can see the entrance when lying in bed.The bed should be the focal point of the room (not the TV, which can become a distraction inyour relationship). Matching nightstands and lamps. Keep both partners illuminated and in balance with a symmetrical placement of nightstands on both sides of the bed. Make sure both lamps work and avoid clutter or too many books on the nightstand. Avoid single images with décor and artwork. To reflect relationship energy, decorate with pairs of objects, art, and symbolism. Your wedding picture, two hearts, roses, or rose quartz crystals placed on the nightstand can visually reinforce partnership energy. Entice romance with sensual scents! Create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom by adding a scented candle or spritz the room with aromatherapy oils proven to increase sexual arousal.  Vanilla, sandalwood, rose, pumpkin, jasmine,and ylang ylang are universally stimulating and appealing.

To further stimulate romance energy this year, I recommend energizing the “Romance Star,” also known as the Romantic Peach Blossom Star, locatedin the southeast area of your home in 2013. (Each year the Feng Shui Flying Stars, five auspicious and four afflicting stars, change positions. Once activated or remedied with Feng Shui cure, they can bring speedy results.) Associated with the element of wood, the Romance Star can be enhanced with a water feature, fresh flowers or the Chinese double happiness symbol for good luck.

This Valentines Day, set the stage for romance with these Feng Shui enhancements, designed to bring your inner intentions into outer expression. If single, you could meet the love of your life. If partnered, you may find more passion in your relationship. Remember, all you need is love and some good chi to manifest your heart’s desires.

Cynthia Chomos is a Feng Shui Expert, Color Designer and Space Clearing Consultant who specializes in creating home and work spaces that nourish body, mind and spirit. For over 16 years she has helped transform lives through the power of the "person and place" connection.


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