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Greening the Earth Starts with US

Living green has become more mainstream nowadays. There are many large organized efforts such as the Earth Hour and the Earth Day that help to draw global visibility and awareness. To have sustainable effect, every movement has to be supported locally and individually. Starting this month, we are going to kick off a series of discussions in our Greenies blog on what we can do individually. We hope to echo your greening effort.

Many of our readers live in Western Washington. We are very happy to say that our local officials are sharing our concerns. One part of living green is not to have excessive consumption. The other part is to deal with the waste from the consumption we do have. The Solid Waste Division of King County (WA) is taking a proactive approach to this issue. It is involved with:

  • Public education and awareness

  • Business stewardship, encouraging businesses to be responsible for the environmental impact of their products and services

  • Collection of recyclable and reusable items

  • High standards of waste disposal services

The EcoConsumer group of the Division is responsible for public education, helping consumers with their purchasing decisions and daily activities. Their website offers great ideas on green remodeling and green holidays. Tom Watson, manager of the group, has contributed an article on his vision of green living. Come check it out.  We will share some of the group's advices with you in the next couple of blogs. Many of the ideas are usable regardless of where you are located.

There are many local efforts sprang up in our communities. Please share these ideas, big or small, with your fellow readers so that they can be spread to other communities.

Last but not least, don't forget to cast your support for Earth Day!


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