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How Climate Change is Effecting our Food Supply Chain in the Puget Sound

Hear about the FREE PUBLIC DIALOG EVENT with Cascadia College & the University of Washington at Bothell’s 4th Annual Climate Dialog – that will be engaging students and the public in discussions on climate change and its impacts on food and access. Also learn much more about the all inclusive sustainability programs these institutions offer as well as a broader discussion about Earth Week and sustainable approaches to help protect and improve our environment.

Host: Martha Childress

Listen to Broadcast 2021-04-13

For additional information::

BOTHELL, Wash - As our state’s COVID-19 restrictions continue, the sustainability departments of Cascadia College and UW Bothell invite the community to join in their fourth annual Climate Dialog. The event aims to engage students and the public in discussions on climate change and its impacts on food and access. This free event features regional thought leaders who will engage the public in a better understanding of how climate changes is impacting our food supplies and offer ideas about how we can create positive forward action.

“Hosting this climate dialog really highlights how vulnerable our food systems are in the Pacific Northwest, and we’ve already experienced concerning events - from heavy snow events to wildfires,” said Stephan Classen, Assistant Director of Sustainable Practices at Cascadia College. “We’re thrilled to be able to invite the community for this sort of talk and discussion.”

The three speakers joining the event have diverse backgrounds in climate sciences and climate impact for agriculture and food systems.

  • Dr. Nick Bond is the Washington State Climatologist and professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington.

  • Anthony Reyes joins us as Farm Operations Lead from 21 Acres, a sustainable-minded agriculture and education center in Woodinville, WA.

  • Dr. David Montgomery is a Professor of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington.

“Food is a huge impact to our climate, and sustainable food systems are crucial to our resilience.” says Alexa Russo, UW Bothell Sustainability Coordinator about the climate dialog events.

Join students, staff, and faculty from a variety of local colleges and universities.


This event is part of the campus Earth Week, learn more at this link. For information, please contact Stephan Classen at Cascadia College at


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