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It’s time to think about watering; check out our watering resources

Spring is a good time to think about how much water your plants will need this growing season and how you will provide it. Our watering resources will help you water properly to keep your plants healthy.

Last year we had very little rain in May and June. Some plants suffered drought stress before summer arrived.

As our summers get hotter and drier, even plants that didn’t need watering in the past will need some supplemental water. This includes mature trees and shrubs. It may take some years before the full impact of drought stress shows on larger plants such as trees and shrubs.

Over the past few summers we have seen an increasing amount of drought stress in our clients’ landscapes. We are sad to see plants suffer from lack of water.

If you don’t water in summer, you will eventually lose some of your cherished plants. You may want to save money by reducing your watering. But if you lose the plants you invested money in, what have you gained?

Plants use water for many important functions, such as photosynthesis, transporting minerals for plant growth, disease and insect resistance and many more. Without water, all functions begin to decline.

This can lead to many problems. For example, a plant that is stressed and unhealthy is more susceptible to insects and diseases. A lawn that has dried out and become thin is prone to invasion by weeds and moss. A vegetable plant that has not received enough water will produce a smaller harvest, and individual vegetables will be smaller and less tasty.

Watering is especially important for plants that are newly planted. Trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials all need regular watering for the first two or three growing seasons until they have become established.

Since we continue to be concerned about water and plant health, we have produced a number of resources.

Watering resources: YouTube playlist

Our YouTube playlist on Watering Your Lawn and Garden has several videos on the basics of watering, watering systems, watering new plants and trees, and more.

Watering resources: blog posts

Check out these posts for information about how and why to water.

Watering resources: other

The Saving Water Partnership has loads of information on watering, including automatic systems,choosing and using drip irrigation and soaker hoses and more.Seattle Public Utilities has a guide on Smart Watering.

Swanson’s Nursery has a great article on best watering practices.

Reprinted with permission from InHarmony.


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